Weisi Man international fashion brand worthy of trust

As the international fashion brand women 's Weisi Man in the autumn and winter 2012 will be on-site ordering rave reviews, agents enthusiasm, what is the vast number of consumers, agents approved Weisi Man fashion women?


Xing Jingyu, the artistic director of WSM brand, said the art atmosphere of the show will be showcased and the introduction of the latest generation of French modern image. These changes have let the agents see Wei Siman "transformation" of the new hope. For the ordering result will be hot, from the agent's point of view, the first is the result of quantitative change to qualitative change. Products from the color series, flower type extension, diverse styles, rich accessories and so on the amount of change; to the quality of change, from the product structure changes, such as the previous plate-type problems, with the issue of goods, goods rich north-south Problems and the reasonable upgrading of the cargo area, etc. These qualitative changes have greatly reversed the agent's perception of Weisman in the past. All of these agents have seen the sharp rise of Weisman as a whole. the result of.

Of course, the product upgrade is only on the one hand, the presence of an international management team, leaving agents to see what is the international management, what is the team building, what is the power to change. All of this is wherever and whenever, and the agents have seen the timing of Vesuvius sustainable profitability in the future.

Over the years, Weisi Man get more and more consumer trust and love, to self-chain, franchising as the focus of business model, has developed more than 300 franchise stores, cabinets, marketing network throughout the country More than 100 large and medium-sized cities, customer satisfaction reached more than 95%. As the first women's clothing brand, looking forward to the future, Weisimang will, as always, take the goal of "building a century-old enterprise and cultivating a century-old brand" and make every effort to create an internationally renowned brand.

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