OlanKa women's fashion just right of low-key sexy

OlanKa clothing brand was founded in 2007. Follow the trend of fashion design and not trifling, stylish style without exaggeration, low-key sexy just right.

This season's work is elegant and slender but combines the masculinity of style, apparently become the most important part of this season, stunning and irresistible classic style and through time and space of the interlacing. And perfect fit high-quality technology, highlighting the pure classic reproduction, showing the urban women's personality charm and charming temperament.

欧兰卡 - OlanKa

OlanKa women's fashion just right of low-key sexy

Shenzhen O Cod Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is a diversified company, the company owns Oulanka apparel company, Yiyuan Ceramics Company, the peacekeeping technology companies, construction companies, trading companies and many other independent industries. The strength of the company, in the Shenzhen Civic Center on the west side of the international standard Class A pure business office New World Business Center has 32 layers of its own whole property.

OlanKa时尚女装  恰到好处的低调性感

OlanKa women's fashion just right of low-key sexy

In 2007, the company set up a professional brand fashion company engaged in the design, development, production and sales of apparel, and introduced the women's brand in Hong Kong and Ou Lanka strongly. Oulanka brand product development team and the company's key management personnel are highly educated and rich experience in the apparel industry, uphold the professional, dedicated style, to create a well-known brand of women in Europe and pursues.

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