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Chinour Men's Co., Ltd. is a collection of high-end suits, shirts and apparel products design, production and sales in one enterprise. Chinour owns the largest men's formal wear production base in China and builds a marketing network covering north of the Yangtze River and the whole country with Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces as its core, and pioneered a lifetime of free dry cleaning After-sales service. Chinour Men opened up the domestic service free lifetime dry-cleaning service precedent, formed in the industry a unique service style. Able to become China's clothing brand marketing leader, must be a very high overall quality of the brand. Sometimes, a marketing model is more profitable than a style innovation. Chinour did it. The development of national brand by groom Chinour as their own responsibility. For the groom, Chinour, making stickers is easy - more than 10,000 suit suits a day and 100,000 sets of orders can be delivered in 10 days, and foreign investors are favored. However, they do not blindly undertake foreign orders and stick to the price bottom line. Even before the outbreak of the international financial crisis, they have kept the share of foreign trade within 20%. The groom Chinour in the market development has its own marketing strategy is based on me, to open up the international market premise is to meet the needs of the domestic market.

The Wedopus brand was founded in 2016, a young business manufacturing ladies fashion footwear, occasion , and Bridal Shoes. We identified that the market place lacked an offering of high fashion yet comfortable bridal collection. Therefore in 2016 with this key objective, the brand Wedopus was born.  

Bridal Flats shoes fit for tall girl, or high heels phobia girls, which is comfortable and releax.

We are a comprehensive bridal & occasionwear collection offering a broad variety of styles to consolidate consumer tastes and budget. Therefore allowing our retailers to enjoy a fast, effective and profitable buying experience. Comfort technology is paramount to us, with comfort pads, memory foam cushioning, and breathable lining at the forefront of our designs. In addition to this, We supply for a series of customized service, such as heel, color, decoration,  so all of our customers have the choice of having their shoes dyed if they wish!

We are Wedopus, and we hope you enjoy our collections!

Ballet Flats

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