Taihe boutique women show the ultimate harmony and romance

" Taihe " - "too" for the ultimate, "and" for the harmony, "Taihe" clothes symbolize a perfect way of life.

"TAHAN" - "Taihe" French pronunciation, from the fashion capital of China's high-end women's brand , in attracting foreign essence, the Chinese people's own aesthetic outlook to create an independent and confident new female image, five tall and straight Letter interpretation of the new woman's independent life.

太和 - TAHAN

Taihe brand was established in 1989. In 1998, Taihe TAHAN was named "Top Brand of Chinese Women" by the "Business Times", and at the same time acquired "Chinese and Foreign Fashion Magazine" and transformed it into "TAHAN", introducing the full range of fashion life and creating the " And the modern way of life, communicate with consumers in the brand culture, the fashion into fashion. In the 21st century, TAHAN seeks to combine the romantic style with the traditional elegance in an attempt to create a brand new, Chinese-oriented and fashionable female image and become the Chinese own high-end ladies' spokesperson.

太和精品女装 展现极致的和谐与浪漫

Today's Taihe clothing, the integration of the essence of Western and Western clothing, and continuously strengthen the connotation of the brand, relying on the parent company Tai Wo Group strong foundation, brand influence and marketing network radiation driving force, seize the opportunity to give play to their own advantages and strive to blaze new trails , To provide more perfect service for the modern high-quality life so as to enter a more challenging and bright future.

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