What is the old pit jade

What is the old pit jade? Since there is an old pit jade, is there a new pit jade? Xiaobian can tell you clearly that there is a new pit jade. So is the old pit jade or the new pit jade good? The following small series will introduce you to the old pit jade, after the introduction, you will know the answer to the question.

When shopping in a jewelry store, I often hear some experts say that this jade is older, higher in color, and more watery. The jade is not enough vintage, tender, light, and dry.

In their view, jade is the older the better. Now when it comes to the year of jade, the first thing to do is to understand the concept of new and old time. This old and new refers to the formation of jade under the ground, which is what geologists mean. What about the age? Or do people refer to the succession of jade? Or is the year in which people bought the finished product for storage?

Some jadeite jade experts have discovered from long-term practice that the quality of the jade in the "old pit" is good and the water is also sufficient. This is a fact. Is it because water is soaked in the river for a long time, and the water is formed into the crystal? In fact, this is not the case. The jade found in the river sediment deposits is of good quality, high in color, fine in quality and good in transparency. For this situation, a reasonable explanation can be obtained from the geological reason.

In fact, these phenomena exist in the jade deposit, and other gem deposits also exist. For example, the diamond in the sand mine is better than the original deposit.

This is because the primary deposits actually have various ore of different quality. After the flow of water, they are deposited into secondary deposits, some of which are of poor quality, such as cracked, coarse-grained, loosely structured, impure jade. Will get natural sorting and elimination. The last remaining in the riverbed is mainly jadeite with relatively tight texture and finer structure.

This jadeite is often more transparent, but it is not caused by water ingress, water is unable to enter the jade crystal, and the jade quality of the old pit is better because of this relationship.

This layer of skin on the outer surface of the jadeite is due to the fact that when the jadeite is exposed to the surface, it is oxidized and hydrolyzed by nature to cause some iron and manganese contained in it to precipitate as iron oxide or manganese oxide attached to the surface to form a The layer shell, like the knife that is not commonly used, has the same surface as oxide rust.

It can be said that the jadeite in the "old pit" is of good quality, fine particles, rigid surface gloss, strong glass luster and water head. It is the high-grade goods of the jadeite species, and the non-old pit goods with these few conditions are missing.

There is no definitive standard definition for the interpretation of the word in the old pit. Some say that it is the old pit, and some say it must be colored. But for consumers sometimes do not need to fully understand when buying, is the overall evaluation of the price of jade, kind, color, water, work, goods, comprehensive evaluation, not a single point can be counted.

It can be seen that people's evaluation of the old pit jade is good, the old pit jade is better. Some people in the industry have given a correct answer. From the quality point of view, the old pit jade is relatively good, bright color and fine texture.

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