Fashion apparel industry how to update the marketing concept

Fashion apparel industry how to update the marketing concept When talking about new media, in fact, many traditional industries are eager to use it because the new media is so hot that it is a pity to not use it. However, many traditional industries have failed to keep pace with the development of new media, and often feel that they do not know where to start.

Main types and values ​​of new media The author defines the new media as follows: The media is updated continuously with new technologies over time. Currently, it is mainly related to Internet-related applications, mobile Internet-related applications, outdoor digital media (such as elevator media, outdoor large screens, roadsides). Media, bus shelter media, and store media, etc.), digital television, automotive mobile media (mainly bus, subway, air media, taxi media, etc.) and other new or emerging media (such as wall projection media, tunnel media, Laser media, fireworks, etc.)

In the Internet, relatively traditional applications include portals, search engines, instant messaging, bbs/forums, online games, web animations, and navigation websites. There are many relatively new Internet applications, such as online video, sns (such as Renren, Kaixin, etc.), lbs applications (such as streetside, etc.), classified information sites (such as 58 cities, etc.), Weibo, and photo-sharing websites. / Social business (such as Beauty, Mushroom Street, etc.), e-magazine, online literature, wiki/encyclopedia (such as Baidu Encyclopedia, etc.), question and answer applications (such as Baidu, etc.), Internet TV, webcast, digital music, etc. The mobile internet has created many new applications, such as apps that are frequently downloaded on smartphones and tablets. Some applications can only be accessed via smart terminals, such as Weibo, Wechat, mobile/tablet games, photo sharing, short video sharing, and audio pictures (such as papa).

Many new applications are developing at an alarming rate and their marketing value is naturally highlighted. Taking Sina Weibo as an example, the number of users announced in the first half of the year has exceeded 500 million, and it has become one of the most important social media in China. Another example is Tencent WeChat, which can communicate with mobile phone contacts and estimates that the current number of users exceeds 400 million.

Obviously, many users today are occupied by the Internet and the mobile Internet. It is imperative for traditional industries to enter new media marketing without delay.

The marketing idea needs to be updated. New media marketing is about store – s (sharing, sharing), t (trust, trust), o (optional, optional), r (response), e (engagement, integration), and tradition. The marketing sales funnel has also evolved, that is, after the purchase, users will publish the consumer experience on Weibo, WeChat and other platforms, which will cause the lower part of the sales funnel to re-enlarge - because each user's consumer experience will be marketed. A large number of people.

New media marketing is not completely out of touch with traditional marketing. 4p, 4c, 4r, and 4v in traditional marketing still play a role. For example, relationships and relevance in 4r are reflected in new media more vividly.

What needs to be reminded is that there have been many new ideas in new media marketing, such as Long Tail philosophy, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing, and wet marketing. Some ideas have been touched in the new marketing materials, and they are integrated with integrated marketing communication, integrated marketing and all-around marketing.

How clothing apparel industry enters the apparel industry needs to understand the main characteristics of all kinds of new media channels, analyze the characteristics of their own industry or company's products or services, and then find a fit point, and then think about what channel combination is most suitable. At present, the most used new media channels are Weibo, WeChat, and online video, and they can cooperate with free encyclopedias and know-how applications.

To the clothing and apparel industry, many companies have already opened public accounts in WeChat. For example, seven wolves, Vanke, Uniqlo, Inman and Handu clothes are all using WeChat public accounts to push relevant information to provide users with self-service inquiries and provide one-on-one customer service.

The microblogging application of the clothing and apparel industry has also become a common practice. On the one hand, executives of some clothing and apparel companies took the lead in using microblogs. For example, Chairman of the Board of Seven Squire, Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Fanke Chennian, Founder of Inman and ceo Fang Jianhua, and Founder of Han Duyi She, and ceo Zhao Yingguang, etc. Weibo is more active; on the other hand, the executives of the companies in which the executives are located are not allowed to do so. In addition, companies such as Qipai, Chanel, hm China, ithk, adidas, nike, zara, and Youngor are also on Weibo. Take the lead.

Clothing and apparel companies can not only use Weibo to promote the influence of their own brands, but also introduce new products and activities, provide customer service, conduct market research, monitor demand, and discover crisis.

In short, the new media is in sight, and its great potential is there, waiting for companies with vision to explore earlier.

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