Six steps to perfect appreciation of jade

The first step: look at the color

Jadeite is characterized by a "green" (commonly known as fly wings), a star-shaped flash caused by its internal granular, flaky or fibrous plaque cleavage.

Color is the most important factor affecting the value of jadeite. The color of jadeite can be evaluated from the following three domains:

To be pure: pure refers to the ratio of the main color of the jade and the secondary color. For example, the green jade is the best, the pure green is the best, the green is yellow or blue, and the gray is the worst.

To be light and light: when it comes to the depth of color, of course, the thicker the better, but the color is too thick, but it will cause counter-effects and reduce the quality of jade.

Be clear: the brighter and brighter the color of jade is, the more attractive it is, the more the proportion of gray or black is included, the more dim the color should be, the more uniform the color distribution, the higher the value.

Step 2: Look at the structure

The structure refers to the thickness of the crystal particles constituting the jadeite, the shape of the crystal body, and the manner of bonding thereof. The jargon is called the "bottom" and has the name "ground". The structure of the jadeite has the characteristics of variegated interlacing. The fine fibrous mineral crystals are intertwined around the translucent granular phenocrysts. The structure is dense and dense. The thickness of the crystal is used to evaluate the jade geology and the jadeite grade. The basis of high and low.

The third step: see transparency

The transparency of jade affects the refraction of light, which affects the overall beauty. When the light enters the transparent and delicate jade, it will reflect the beautiful light, making people feel the crystal clear and transparent, greatly increasing their beauty. On the contrary, if the light meets a low-transparent and rough jade, it will reflect The light of the dullness makes the attraction of jade greatly reduced.

Step 4: Look at the clarity of the "bottom". The part other than the color is the "bottom" or "base". A good jade jewelry must not only be "old", "color positive", but also clean and free of impurities. Clarity refers to the enamel contained in jade, mainly white and black, which is caused by other minerals contained in jade. Relatively speaking, black cockroaches are more unsightly than white. The less impurities contained in the jadeite, the better.

Step 5: Appreciate the craft

The processing of jadeite products is divided into two categories: light body and carved. Because the surface is not covered, the requirements for raw materials are high. Except for the absence of cracks, the proportion of cutting, the thickness of the products and the symmetry are also very important. It is enough to affect the appearance of jadeite products. For example, a good cut egg noodle should not be too thick or too thin. The position of the "b" should be in the middle and the proportion should be moderate.

Step 6: Check the crack

Cracks can greatly reduce the value of jade. If the jade ornaments have cracks, a slight collision may crack along the crack. Therefore, extra care should be taken when purchasing jade ornaments. In general, it is easy to detect the presence of cracks when irradiated with a flashlight. High-quality jade can be sold at considerable prices, but the supply on the market is limited, and some merchants are seeking more. Good profit, do not hesitate to carry out the manual process for jade. So there are A goods, B goods and C goods on the market.

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