Monteverde Mentvees Menswear Million Affiliate Program open for quota

Montevideo mentvees men's 2013 autumn and winter new products coming soon! At the same time, franchise programs from the headquarters are also hot baked! From August 19 to September 18, the successful signing of the top 20 franchisees will be able to enter the Montana Million Plan. Headquarters promised delivery service, the annual profit can exceed 200,000! Joined the limit, crazy profit to send! Scarce seats are gradually reduced, looking forward to your joining. Being a young, masculine consumer-themed brand, love, life and work are three eternal design themes of MENTVEES product design and have always been committed to being a close friend of young men - passionate love It gives men romance and warmth; in trivial life, it allows men to learn to enjoy and to be relieved; and in busy work, it makes men more confident and powerful. MENTVEES (Montevideo) product design closely around the "beautiful is actually very simple" brand concept, and then deduce the "beautiful from simple" design concept. Not luxury but the choice of fabric for simplicity, as far as possible to choose natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly fabrics. Garment color, color as possible to choose lively, warm colors, colors. In the style of design, keeping up with the fashion trend, good at urban fashion from the discovery of fashion elements, and the use of these stylish elements, but not the pursuit of overly complicated design, to ensure that style novelty under the premise of as possible to simplify the product structure, so that style Looks stylish, relaxed, lively, natural.

Rattan Basket

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