Hot sunscreen shirt experts said that most of them have no effect

Core Tip: A thin, colorful sunscreen shirt is also popular with consumers, ranging in price from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Does the sunscreen shirt work? Experts have said that: sunscreen shirts can play a certain role in sun protection, but not completely protect against UV damage to the skin.

With the advent of summer, many women who love beauty have prepared a variety of sunscreen products in order to protect their skin from UV rays. Recently, the author visited and found that in addition to sunscreen, sunglasses and other hot products on the market, a thin, colorful sunscreen shirt is also favored by consumers, the price ranges from tens of dollars to thousands of yuan. Does the sunscreen shirt work? Experts have said that: sunscreen shirts can play a certain role in sun protection, but not completely protect against UV damage to the skin.

Sunscreen shirt sold 90,000 pieces in January

In the Beijing Zoo Wholesale Market, Xidan Mingzhu Shopping Mall, and Soul Mall... I found a number of shops selling sunscreen shirts.

"The sunscreen effect of this dress is very good, and the ventilation is comfortable. I went to the beach for a while before, and I didn't even tan." At the Xidan Pearl Market, a stall owner enthusiastically introduced it to the customers.

The sunscreen shirts introduced by the stall owners are very light and thin, mostly translucent, some like raincoats, some are simply a layer of tulle, the hand feels very soft, the color is mainly red, yellow and other bright colors. The price of these sun protection shirts ranges from 40 yuan to 80 yuan, and it is cheaper to buy more. "Basically, young people buy it. Many customers buy three or four colors and change them."

On Taobao, the sales of sunscreen shirts are even more amazing. Online store merchants will use “sunscreen strength” as a selling point, and some also claim to be “passed by the country’s senior authority quality verification” to eliminate up to 86% of solar radiation and resist more. Up to 95% of UV rays." In the hottest store on Taobao, a monthly sales of 29 yuan sunscreen shirts was as high as 90,000 pieces.

"Is it covered? Can you still protect from the sun?"

The authors have found that the sunscreen shirts in online stores and private clothing stores are available in a variety of materials, ranging from "natural 100%" silk to polyester. However, the sellers said: "Surely sunscreen and breathable."

It is understood that the assessment of textile UV protection performance issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine states that only when the UPF (UV protection coefficient) value of clothes is greater than 30, and the transmittance of UVA (the most penetrating ultraviolet light) is less than 5 When it is %, it can be called UV protection products, and both conditions are indispensable.

In fact, the sunscreen shirts on the market basically do not indicate the UPF value and the UVA value, and there are many low-priced sunscreen shirts that are simply “three no products”. When the reporter asked how the sun protection shirts played an anti-UV effect, a stall owner of Soxiu Mall immediately stunned the eyes. "Is it covered?"

The insiders told me that the national standards for sunscreen products are recommended and non-mandatory standards. Generally, manufacturers do not spend higher costs to add special substances or use special fiber materials, and it is not possible to specifically add special coatings. "But if you want to call your product a 'UV-proof product', you must follow this standard."

Cheap sunscreen shirts are mostly flickering

An expert in textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering told the author that the cheap sunscreen shirts currently on the market are just the concepts put forward by the merchants and it is difficult to have practical effects. "In addition to the "National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specification" (GB18401) promulgated by the quality inspection, there is no mandatory regulation for UV protection clothing. Consumers do not have to pay for the merchant's gimmick."

Experts say that there are three types of sun protection that increase clothing: increase the density of textiles, add an aromatic hydrocarbon and chain hydrocarbon synthetic UV absorber during the textile process, or add a sunscreen coating after the end of the textile. "In fact, ordinary clothes also have the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays. From the dyeing point of view, dark clothes are easy to absorb heat, and the absorption rate of ultraviolet rays is relatively high. Light-colored clothes can reflect more ultraviolet rays."

In addition, experts also reminded that cheap sunscreen shirts are mostly made of chemical materials. Direct contact with the skin under the sun will cause local skin to have high temperature for a long time. The chemical composition in the sunscreen will burn the skin. “The sunscreen clothing fabric on the market is almost 100% polyester and 100% polyester fiber. Although the light resistance in sun protection is better than that in knitted clothing, it is easy to wear static electricity and is not breathable. A stuffy, sensitive skin may cause eczema."

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