Nice rabbit brand children's clothing - from the great brother Brothers dream

In colorful, magnificent and fantastic world fairy tale paradise, Green Fairy Tale is a beautiful little treasure box, holding generation after generation of children into the sweet dream kingdom. "He" contains a wealth of life experience, conveying precious wisdom of life. Jacopo Green said: "My biggest dream is to create happiness and kindness for children." As Green's fairy tale brought children's dreams, the birth of the Nice Rabbit Kids brand hopes to bring the current generation of children's health and happiness, love will be conveyed to every child around! Nice rabbit as the basic product of natural health, to the healthy growth of children as a starting point, respect for the development of children's personality, children's enlightenment from the start of some talent to give good ends of the nurturing, to promote "Jane yet lifestyles" to make it simple Not simple fashion lifestyle experience. The birth of the Nice Rabbit must not only be an environmental protection and safety clothing products, but also to promote the healthy and happy lifestyles belonging to the new generation of children! Guangzhou Faranixi Garment Co., Ltd. With strong strength and rich brand management experience Nice Rabbit boutique children's wear introduced to our side, which not only inherited the French and other European countries original exquisite quality and elegant style, but also based on environmental health as the foundation of the international children's clothing brand, located in 2-15-year-old new generation of children , Respect their own personality development, advocate self-thinking, cultivate good thinking. Product style is simple and stylish, simple style, fashion, materials, environmental protection, tailoring comfort. Embrace simple, positive, confident brand spirit. Lapin de Nice is a famous brand of children's clothing originated in Nice, France, one of the most attractive gold coast cities in the world. It is comparable to CATIMINI, IKKS and CONFETTI in Nice, France. Nice Rabbit is a fairy tale widely circulated in the country. It often teases and copes the wolves with clever, naughty, witty and brave ways, and is remembered by local children from generation to generation. The "Nice Rabbit" children's wear is also warmly welcomed by children of different color in the world with its noble, fashionable, lively and naughty features.

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