Brand effect so legendary jeans to take off

Legendary cowboy joined said that the brand is power! Brand is not only a concentrated reflection of the capability of independent innovation, but also an effective carrier of independent innovation achievements of enterprises. Trademark registration is recognized by law. Recognized as a well-known trademark, it will be more than ordinary trademark across the country special protection, that China's well-known trademarks will be in the "Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property," 179 members of the country be subject to special protection than ordinary trademarks. To this end, enterprises should take the initiative to register trademarks, actively striving for famous and well-known trademarks, in order to effectively protect their own innovations. Legendary cowboy has always been to join the brand development. 19th century, the western United States vast expanse of land, wearing a wide headdress along the high, wearing more bags of jeans, Stirrup Stirrup Stirrup boots, riding a whirlwind ride, whistling to the cowboy, reputation For "pioneer pioneer in the western era." Knight rodeo knight, handsome, handsome, stunt in the body, as the hero of Jin Yong novels. Because brave brave, free and easy self, so many men and women fascinated. SAGAEP Denim - legendary new warrior was born. The SAGAEP Rodeo Challenge in Texas is a challenge for the cowgirl. The winner will be awarded the SAGAEPR title, which symbolizes the supreme honor of the cowboy and has become the idol and hero of countless cowboys and Westerners . In 1997, a brand new fashion jeans brand was born, named "SAGAEP" in order to bring the courage, freedom and justice of the cowboy to the world. SAGAEP cowboy, this new warrior with pure Western cowboy descent, staged the ultimate legendary cowboy community. SAGAEP designed specifically for 18-48-year-old fashion, elite people, mainly to the boutique denim series, leather shoes and accessories to add to the denim fans jeans unprecedented innovation 5S Experience Hall. Brand is the weapon of market competition. In today's world, the economic competition is more and more reflected in the high-end competition among brands. The consumer market has also entered the "brand consumption" from "consumption of goods". Strong brand, for enterprises, not only condenses the firm's technology, standards and quality of hard power, but also condenses the management of enterprises, credit and culture and other soft power, is the enterprise's independent innovation ability and overall competitiveness of the concentrated expression, but also Enterprise science and transformation and development of an important symbol. Brand competition is not only a basic feature of competition among enterprises, but also an important feature of competition among regions and even between countries. The developed countries in the west earn huge profits by exporting brands, controlling intellectual property rights, controlling the international market. Legendary cowboy joined in the rapid development of China and the global cowboy market, is the brand effect. When it comes to the legendary cowboy did not know, when it comes to the legendary cowboy did not know is Phoenix legendary endorsement, when it comes to denim franchise shop is even more legendary cowboy joining allegiance!

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