HOPERISE brand men's high-end fashion to create new faction

HOPERISE men's brand positioning as a high-end fashion men's new, the brand advocate a positive attitude toward life is a successful and passionate men's pursuit of the fashion brand. Consumer groups located in the pursuit of fashion and unique wear grade, with a young mind, wisdom, passionate, heavy style more emphasis on quality, have a certain social experience higher cultural level, pay attention to personal quality of life, willing to enjoy high quality of life, fashion, Personality, health, freedom and sunshine, the pursuit of simplicity in life, focusing on the concept of international brand design, looking forward to different, contains personal philosophy of life dress. Conditions of joining 1. Shops: shops located within the local one or two shopping district, the operating area of ​​not less than 80--100 square meters. 2. Shopping malls: in the front line commercial buildings / shopping centers, and in the mainstream fashion area, an area of ​​60 square meters of the side hall. 3. Personal requirements: a strong brand awareness, credibility, acting serious and pragmatic, there is a strong desire for personal career development. 4. Operating strength: With many years of experience in apparel management, operation of apparel shops to master the skills, a certain amount of financial strength.

Water wave Wool Fabric with different popular color is anti-static, soft,puffy, warm touch.

It is perfect for garment, jacket, coat, suit, pants etc.

Wool care instructions: Turn to professional dry-cleaners; Choose neutral detergent, wool detergent is best; Water temperature is below 40℃; Do not expose to the sun directly.

Water wave Wool Fabric

Water-Wave Wool Fabric,Tweed Wool Fabric,Woolen Wool Fabric


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