Buddhism has seven treasures - pearl is one of them

The carnelian is an orange to red translucent chalcedony, the red color of which is caused by iron oxides. In the past, because the red chalcedony has high hardness and is difficult to process, it is rare and rare. At present, due to the developed technology and rich red jade marrow minerals, it belongs to a low-priced gem.
The good red chalcedony is translucent and not mottled. It looks fat, and its price is also related to the quality of the engraving. Some of the poorly textured carnelian tendencies are dyed.
Tibetan Buddhism believes that after years of wearing and blessing, the red chalcedony can produce human stone and psychic, and it has the power of protection, and it is often used to protect the body. Couples of red chalcedony ornaments can make couples happy.
Beeswax (amber) Amber
The Tibetan people generally refer to the less transparent amber as beeswax. It is a sacred object of Buddhist practice. It has the ability to exorcise evil spirits. It is often made into various ornaments, such as hand beads and rosary. , headwear, accessories, etc.
In the ancient literature, amber was written as “tiger” because the ancients believed that amber was formed by the soul of the tiger after death. It is also documented that the dragon's blood is amber. These legends reflect the ancient people's speculation about amber, and believe that this mysterious substance can be used to catastrophe.
Modern scientific research amber is an organic substance that is buried in the underground by the resin of ancient trees. It is an amorphous polymer compound. Amber starts to soften at 150 ° C, and it will be at 250 ° C to 300 ° C. It melts completely and emits a loose scent when burned. Amber presents a lot of colors, the most common ones are yellowish brown translucent, and red, white, green, black, blue and so on. Because the amber structure is loose and worn for a long time, the phenomenon that the color changes from shallow to deep often occurs, giving a feeling of antique. What is more important in academia is the extremely rare amber containing research objects such as insect carcasses and plant seeds, because the abundance of such amber is very low and is also a collection of fine products.
砗磲 AmberTridacan
砗磲 is a shell of a scorpion mollusk living in the deep sea. It is considered to have the ability to practice in Tibetan Buddhism. It is an ancient sacred shell fossil with thousands of years of history. It is very rare and has always been an identity possession. The sacred objects of the sorghum practice are regarded as the supreme secrets, which can eliminate the evil spirits and protect the children.
The white color is slippery, often used as a hand bead, a rosary or amulet. It is also embedded in a ritual or a buddha. The sorghum is often worn with 27 to 108 rosary beads, and another enamel color is made of ivory and The brown-and-white variety is considered to be the most spiritually versatile if it has a Tai Chi-shaped variety.
At present, there are many kinds of enamel ornaments, which are basically processed from the shells of the snails that are now salvaged. Of course, the price is lower, the weight of the snails is more than tens of kilograms, but there are also records that weigh more than 200 kilograms. More than 1.5 large snails were salvaged.
Pearl pearl
When the foreign body enters the body of the pearl shell, the pearly secretory cells of the pearl shell will proliferate, and the foreign matter is wrapped and the calcium carbonate compound of the gel is continuously secreted to alleviate the pain caused by the foreign body. After several years of accumulation, it has formed. Lovely pearls, so the pearls are accumulated in the painful suffering. The longer the pain, the greater the value of the pearl.
Pearl Ming Jie is mellow and is known as the “jewel on the moon”. It is also known as the “Queen of Jewels” and can be a pleasing accessory without any processing. There are white, milk white, milk yellow, pink, rose red, bronze, dark blue, black, which is better with white slightly rosy, with the ability to calm the enlightenment.
Coral Coral
Coral is an organic calcareous calcite secreted by corals. The polyps are sea-tube-shaped coelenterates. The larvae's polyps are white. They are attached to the remains of the ancestors who have turned into coral stones. They rely on tentacles to catch food. In order to capture more food and absorb sunlight, the polyps It grows upwards, and expands forward and backward to form a dendritic biological group, and continuously secretes limestone calcite to form its own body, which is a huge coral stone that has been piled up for generations.
There are many types of coral stones, including red coral, black coral, blue coral, Mediterranean coral, Japanese coral, Cameroon coral, and Chinese Hainan coral. Among them, red coral is one of the most precious varieties. Tibetan Buddhism believes that red coral is the embodiment of Buddha, and often uses coral as a mascot for offering Buddha. It is often used as a bead or as a decorative god. The Tibetan people believe that red corals have the ability to seal the Buddha's borders, prevent disasters, and increase their wisdom. They will spare no expense to purchase various precious red coral ornaments, and they are often used as a family wealth accumulation.
Gold Gold
Kim: In addition to its expensive value, it is known as the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. It is mainly related to its brilliant colors. In Buddhism, it is often used to solemn Buddha statues and sacred temples with a gain effect. Among the Tibetan ornaments, there are many gold Buddha statues, and there are not many gold ornaments.
Silver Silver
Silver: It is a rare and precious metal material. It is widely used in Tibetan ornaments. At the same time, the Tibetan people also believe that the light and color of silver are capable of disaster-stricken, precisely because of the ability of silver to have such disasters. That makes silver widely quoted in Tibetan jewelry.

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