[Youjia Diman ten years of friends] Decade of ten years of glory

Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of difficult bitter, ten years of tears and sweat exchanges, ten years of selfless struggle, and now, when we delighted to lift this celebration glass, for the brilliant ten years to truly understand - ten years, So easy! Ten years, really brilliant! So, I had to sing aloud: Yu Jia Diman , a great company; Yu Jia Di Man, an extraordinary team!

Over the past decade, team work and development, riding the wind forever, in the past decade, the sea cross-color, good governance not fear difficult! Over the past decade, with the strong support of all the staff of the company, we seek for innovation and development. Our continually growing team has always strived for excellence and dared to explore. Over the past decade, our team has grown from a few first few people to nearly a hundred people and has reached nearly a thousand today.

All of this is the result of our visionary, people-oriented, seize the opportunity and tenacious struggle of all our Yujadimans. All of this is the result of every outstanding customer of Yucca Diman. Customer First, Service First, Hardworking, Practical Hard work results.

Never forget, in the early days of the establishment of Yu Jia Di Man, in order to create a good team, in order to lay a solid foundation for the company, in order to create a good corporate image, in order to give a satisfactory answer to all colleagues, a group of hundred pick The backbone of the hard-working training, from service to the concept, from professional knowledge to professional accomplishments, from physical training to self-challenge ... Our excellent team was thus built step by step, and then continue to inherit, develop, Grow until today.

Never forgotten, how many days and nights, our Yugadirman colleagues sleepless nights, sacrificed the holidays, fighting the breakthrough performance development of the front line, research programs, formulating policies, shoulder the mission, innovation and change, full of sway entrepreneurial passion and Sweat, elderly parents no time to visit, the wife of the disease no time to take into account, the children always desire to reunite the eyes of disappointment and sigh.

Never forget, our staff conscientious and conscientious, consistently adhere to their ordinary posts, due diligence, keep their status, work overtime, no regrets. Every sales season, every time the old product promotion, new product launches, in order to ship to the front of the soldiers as soon as possible, the company of men and women together into battle, and even cooking aunt also help the packaging, sit in front of the workbench is seven or eight hours, Gu Do not drink, meal and eat, no time activities stiff neck waist, do not even have time to go to the bathroom. Unable to forget company colleagues Young children often follow the mother's overtime situation, forget the fifty-year-old tail check Sister strict quality control, when the parking spaces do not understand the series of tears of grievances, forget the overtime to go home too late Parents worry about the eyes, forget the promise to their children again and again when the child pouted the mouth ... ... since ancient times loyal to both, choose the fashion industry, we can only put the customer first, the work put In the first place.

Over the past ten years, we are so determined to join hands and win one hard battle after another, "opener," "intensive", "winning the terminal"; over the past decade, with our excellent products, first-class service, timely delivery , Financial stability, the characteristics of management practices in the industry, in the system, the women's dress industry in the country won a reputation.

In the past ten years, we have gone through stormy winds and turned pupation into butterflies. They are standardized in development and mature in the norms. In the past ten years, we have focused on detail, strong management, high standards and first-class work. In the past ten years, Self-improvement, we successfully achieved the single-processing to domestic sales to brand development transformation leap over the past 10 years, all departments of the company colleagues have made gratifying achievements and impressive honor, even more gratifying 2013 Yu Jia Diman company The performance and scale has reached a higher standard.

Ten years of grinding sword, which sets all the colleagues Yujadivan effort "sword", and finally in the current market competition in the war, in the fierce competition in the national women's dress industry, dare to brave "Sword"!

Time is a ruler, which measures and packs the passage of time that we walked through. Time is an invisible pen, marking the footsteps of every step we walk through. Whether it's rain or rain, glory or not, this decade is about to become history, and the next decade is waiting for us. We do not have time to lie comfortably and complacently in the past record books. Only in this magnificent moment can we celebrate Wine, promised hope and promise, take our vigorous pace, under the leadership of the parent company, toward the new goal to continue to stride forward!

The last verse gives us 10-year-old Yu Jia Diman:

Ten years honed unusual,

Proud passion casting chest.

The pursuit of excellence and credibility,

Youjia Di Man Kaige Yang!

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