Spring and summer interviews how to wear Blue Dai Santa Fe fashion commute teach you interview wear skills

The beginning of the new year, this time is the hot time to find jobs, I believe we will face a variety of interviews, then how to wear an interview you know? LAUDIA.SF fashion simple, sophisticated modern urban women , leaving you a good impression of the interview, the successful clearance!


Interview can not be overlooked as the impact of equipment. Because clothing is the first impression given within 10 seconds, we all mistakenly believe that the interview must be worn formally. In actual fact, it is not always easy to give people a formal and serious feeling of dress. Blue Dai Santa Fe women recommend this set of commuting, white bottoming shirt embellished in the heart-shaped bright diamond is more sophisticated fashion, black and white flowering hip skirts sophisticated intellectual, small modern fragrance coat elegant. If you believe it, you can give the interviewer a good impression.

春夏季面试怎么穿  蓝黛圣菲时尚通勤教你面试穿搭技巧

Ladies dress neat and beautiful, generous, elegant and elegant as the general principle, clothing color, style, size should be with their own age, temperament, color, body shape, hairstyle and career planning to be consistent. LaTeX Santa Fe white chiffon shirt has both a moderate sense of formal dress has its own unique personality, yellow lapel and placket embellishment to attract attention, light blue casual trousers, showing his legs slender tall, white thick heel shoes Let the modern sense of wanton distribution.

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