What is the meaning of late spring cold spring wear what

Just finished our traditional Lantern Festival, that our "Year" is completely over, but also slowly began to enter the role of spring. But often spring is coming, but we feel nothing of spring breath, but strong cold air strikes, bringing continuous rain and snow, so that we are instantly spring back to the winter prototype. This is the so-called late spring cold weather in early spring temperatures rose suddenly cold air rains caused by cold and cold rain and snow, as the current state of what kind of weather wear it? Xiao Bian for you Weapon it.


Qian Si Man women

When you are still immersed in the warmth of the spring, your skirt should have come in handy, and women will not miss any good weather. This black cake dress has a lovely cake layering, as well as a white lace doll collar, once the temperature drops, put on a short section of the down jacket bar, compact short fur with a white fur collar atmosphere, create avant-garde And warm shape.

倒春寒是什么意思 倒春寒穿什么

Qian Si Man women

Into a down jacket can wear, as well as woolen woolen jacket women love, this long section of the stitching cotton jacket elegant atmosphere, pink watermelon red and black and white stripes stitching, plus navy blue tail, the sleeve The design of new and refined, a beautiful and exquisite short snakeskin high heels, temperament girl indispensable with it.

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