2014 spring fashion emely Ann charm women spring new match

Spring has come unknowingly came to our side, the big wardrobe to the dress you want to know what is popular this spring, what to wear this spring look good, then take a look at emely Ann charm women's fashion brand to recommend to you a few New models with it, maybe you can bring new spring wear inspired Oh.


Coat of chic wear coat carefully you have not found, T stage, the Korean actress is now popular in the coat draped over the shoulder wear, often accompanied by the strong woman's unique style, to create a modern independent career women Image. If you are a veteran of the workplace, you are a fashion trendsetter, so this year I suggest you try this style. Let's change it together.

2014春装流行趋势  emely安魅力女装春季新款搭配

From the early spring news from the four major fashion weeks, yellow is a very important fashion color. From glowing green lime yellow to delicate goose yellow, bright yellow, light Lame yellow, yellow family is very widely used, of which the most eye-catching is the sour lemon yellow. It forms the most fantastic combination of chemistry with green. You mind it?

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