Do the four basic tricks of SEO

[China Glass Network] Is Seo difficult? The point of our approach is: seo is not difficult, difficult to implement and skill. Execution depends on how your execution is, skill, and the essence and essence of seo. Huidao Studio believes that online marketing is expensive, and it is skillful and skill-based. Here, Huidao introduces you to several points of seo for your reference.

SEO point one: write three big labels

Three major SEO tags: TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION. The three big labels are the websites on the facade of search engines. When we write, we want to include keywords each, and it can appear several times, but it is not recommended to stack keywords. The home page page content page can be configured with keywords, and the keywords are assigned according to the difficulty of the home page - column page - content page. The content page tries to make long tail words and non-popular words, because the weight of the content page is not as high as the first page. In addition, the arrangement of keywords should not be limited to the three major labels, and should be based on Fu Wei's theory of four words. You can refer to the keyword layout of the new station for foreign trade website construction.

SEO Point 2: Content is critical

Original content updates are preferred by search engine spiders. Adhering to the content update of the website is a work that must be done to keep it included. The content should be related to the website. You can't send any entertainment gossip content on the website of a website construction company. Original high quality content is not only like spiders, but also users. High-quality content can increase the site's stickiness to users and reduce the bounce rate of the site. You may ask, how many original content is written? Huidao Studio tells you that the original can't be written, at least you can fake the original, change an article by more than 30%, and count as a good original article.

SEO Point 3: Inner and Outer Chains

Links are divided into three types, plain text links, hyperlinks, and anchor text links. Huidao believes that the quality of anchor text links for keywords is better. We build the internal chain of the website, which is to connect the various pages of the website together to form a network. On the one hand, it is conducive to the spider's crawling. The spider crawls the page and crawls from this link to other pages to continue to crawl. On the other hand, it is beneficial to each page. The weight of the transfer. The construction of the external chain is the voting of other websites on your website. In the high-weight, authoritative website, the construction of the external chain is conducive to the ranking of the website. The construction of the outer chain pursues the use of diversity, extensiveness and naturalness. In addition, in the construction of the outer chain, the construction of the friendship chain is a very good method. If the purchase link is extended, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation.

SEO Point 4: Pay attention to data analysis and management
Website optimization is a long process that can't be effective in a day or two. Therefore, daily data analysis is essential, timely observation of the flow of traffic, which keywords to use to come to your website, which pages are accessed more frequently, which pages have a high bounce rate, etc., in these data analysis, Improvements to the website. The management of the website mainly focuses on the SEO data observation of the website, the observation of the friendship chain, the inspection of the dead link, the security check, and the control to all aspects of the website.

The channel is still the same sentence, seo is expensive to execute, the method is actually very transparent, you can not operate according to the method, it depends on your implementation. Website optimization is a long-term process that requires a good attitude to face and persistence to be effective.

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