Disney Brand Women create a unique and elegant image of personality

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Desi Dan mainly designed for young women aged 20 to 38 years, natural, elegant, simple, leisure isDisidanThe design concept, the fabric mainly cotton, polyester, wool, camel hair, rayon, silk, polyester Fiber, Ethyl Ester, Spandex, Viscose, etc., the choice of today's international popular fabrics, absorb the essence of Europe and the United States fashion design, excellent quality, classic style, subtle and create a unique and elegant image!

迪丝丹 - DISIDAN 迪丝丹品牌女装 营造出个性独特的优雅形象

Clothing retail price: Spring Summer: 100-300 autumn and winter equipment: 180-600 yuan With its superb technology, smooth lines and comfortable plate, high-quality fabrics. Moderate price, coupled with increasing changes in the fresh, moderate The price has become the preferred brand of women who love the fashion culture and pursuit of fashion taste. They have great potential in the country. Disney is willing to join hands with the vast majority of agents to go hand in hand.

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