Wonderful women's clothing 2012 autumn and winter show streamer phantom

Women in Wonderland 2012 autumn and winter new products elegant listing! 2012 autumn and winter, colorful women's clothing is intended to show the theme of "Shadow of Mirage", inspired by the gorgeous bright Russian court. Through the fur, thick coat, wool dresses, coupled with the Russian structuralist gold, red, beige design or rich embroidery. To court-rich sense of the rich, luxurious hair crown, combined with drop-shaped pearls, crystal and meticulous hair, eye-catching debut. To graceful European-style furniture decoration will be a magnificent palace visual feast, slowly unfold.


纷丽女装2012秋冬新品  展现流光幻影

纷丽女装2012秋冬新品  展现流光幻影

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