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September 9, 2012, hosted by Frog Prince Children's Wear Headquarters, Directorate General of Frogs, Frog Prince Children's Wear Shandong Office, Beijing Office and Shenyang Office Prince children's clothing "self-confidence • Create a win-win" grand occasion for the grand awards ceremony. It is understood that the event was an unprecedented success, in order to establish frog Prince children's clothing brand franchisee image, to enhance the frog prince brand market competitiveness and customer motivation, to speed up the frog Prince children's clothing to a more brilliant pace of laying a solid basis. On the day of the event, the heads of the frog prince brand Shandong Office, Shenyang Office and Beijing Office made a systematic summary of the 2012 regional market. At the same time, they carried out detailed planning and report on the market development in the region in 2013, Will be from the market outlets to develop the status quo, the annual performance summary, market capacity, regional expansion planning and other well-founded speech, aroused under the field to join the customer burst of applause. Speaking to the wonderful place, there are some franchisees in the conference interactive quiz, the atmosphere once and again to the climax. The "self-confidence win a win-win" annual awards ceremony using international common practice, according to the frog prince directly operated branch offices throughout the country nearly 100 franchise stores, through self-introduction, initial assessment, field surveys and other assessment, eventually all the five The awards have finally come to an end, deserved. It is reported that the awards ceremony has presented the best cooperation award 4, the best image of 3, sales rebate award 3, sales elite award 2 and the elite award of a chain. It is noteworthy that the winner of the chain elite award in Shandong market Sun sister in sharing business experience, said since joining the frog Prince children's clothing from a shop in a short period of time to develop the various shops in Qingdao, the current business details and shops Management experience, left a deep impression on the participants, Sun sister also confident that, in view of the company's investment in Shandong market efforts, in 2013 the frog Prince store will be developed to 20, immediately caused the scene thunderous Applause. At the end of the conference, Ms. Guo Zongying, head of the direct marketing department of the frog princes direct marketing department, conducted a comprehensive analysis on matters needing attention in the spring and summer of 2013. About 100 affiliated customers analyzed the order quantity SKU of their analysis, Under the single orders, the increase of the sales and marketing rate fully affirmed, fully understanding the thinking of the orders, and there is a more scientific basis for the ordering methods. The orders of the stores exceeded the predetermined targets. The event was supported by Mr. Deng, the vice president of frog princes, Mr. Yao, the general manager of the direct sales branch, and Ms. Jiang, the manager of the direct sales subsidiary, and attended the presentation. Together with us to witness the glory of the Princesses franchise market, but also gave us great encouragement and support. Honor on behalf of the wonderful year, but also heralded the future may be unlimited and upcoming success, frog Prince's family will continue to be pragmatic and enterprising, bathed in the market and customer attention look forward, continue to cultivate the road Write brand gorgeous legend. Frog Prince Official Blog: Frog Prince joined Hotline:

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