Gloria US fashion women's interpretation of the neutral beauty of women

Gloria COLORMY is the brand of Caili Mei Garment Co., Ltd. Hong Kong's women's clothing brand, Clarinet costumes advocate "casual, texture, neutral beauty," dressing concept, to convey the fashion, confident urban life attitude, Gloria beauty interpretation of the woman Neutral beauty.


COLORMY advocates a "casual, texture, neutral beauty," the concept of dressing. COLORMY represents a brand new and independent urban lifestyle that conveys a sense of style and closeness. Products mainly cotton and other natural fabrics imported and some emerging high-tech fabrics, focusing on the coordination and matching of color, the use of legislation on the version of version technology changes and innovation, modern interpretation of a modern and slightly feminine neutral beauty style . Her more than the value of the price, full of fashion texture design for every urban women brought all they want to get the unique style.

COLORMY fashion city women's choice, COLORMY (Caleb Meimei) customer psychology age positioning is 20-38 years old independent white-collar women who have the ability to economy, they have a unique personality, the pursuit of fashion taste life, attention to things Quality and detail, pay attention to wearing comfortable urban white-collar workers. COLORMY brings comfort and elegance to the futuristic art lifestyle and free space.

凯莱美时尚女装 演绎女人的中性美

Kaili Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City to franchising and regional brand agency mode of operation, is the national market brand agent, women's wear and business development ideal women's brand. After years of development, Dongguan Gloria (Hong Kong) Garments Co., Ltd. now owns the two main women's brands "Colormy Gloria", "Ge Mantai Ge mantle". The main franchise chain and regional agency business model to the market. In the company of "honesty, win-win, development" business philosophy, dedicated to the Caili Mei fashion into a fashion brand in China's domestic and international brands in the most potential fashion apparel market.

We sincerely welcome friends in the industry calls, the letter negotiate brand or brand agency and international trade business, for the prosperity and development of the world women's market work together to create brilliant.

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