Pure white love meet in autumn and winter

A kind of clothing called Chu Love , how romantic and full of love the name. Choosing savings as a souvenir or as a gift to others is something you can not miss. White, can represent pure love, innocent friendship. White is not only wild or a lot of girls love the color. Let's take a look at these two white autumn and winter clothes bar.


This snowy white jacket in the boring autumn and winter, is a fresh and beautiful scenery. This band is the main band to play, personal warm, Slim was thin. Small collar design can be windshield can also be attached to the collar, both correct. The highlights focus on the pendulum, fold the slip silk hem, Yi Yi work well. Beautiful Japanese and Korean style interpretation of the perfect charm.

纯白色的储恋  相约在秋冬季

Hairy lapel exudes an elegant atmosphere, to the entire short coat greatly enhanced color. Double-breasted chest at the embellishment highlights the women's free and easy and handsome. Sleeve buttons shape the city's concise able woman. The following catch short black, and then put on high-heeled boots, lovely and sexy coexist, showing the intellectual temperament.

Cotton Poplin

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