Jade a cargo and b goods difference

Everyone knows that jade is divided into a cargo and b cargo. What are the differences between the two jadeites? Today, Xiaobian will explain this issue with everyone. Some people think that A cargo jade is much better than B cargo jade. Is this the way it is?

Jade a cargo and b goods difference

It is generally known that the "A cargo" (without any manual treatment) jade has been worn for many years, and it is constantly in contact with the human skin, the jade will be more moist, and the human body will also receive health care, and the wearer's mood will also be Very pleasant - this is the saying that "people raise jade and jade raise people" as the saying goes.

Then, why does the "B-goods" jadeite not stand the test of time and the jade quality deteriorates? This is because the "B-goods" jadeite has been corroded by acid during the treatment, although the dirt in the jadeite has been removed, increasing Transparency, but the structure of the jade will appear fine cracks and voids.

Therefore, it is necessary to press the glue into the cracks and voids under high temperature and high pressure, so as to create a "natural jade like high-grade". However, as time goes on, the glue filled with jade will slowly age and fall off, and the jade will become traces and lose its brilliance.

“B goods” jadeite usually has the following characteristics:

1, the color is more vivid, most of the green has no color root, the color and the ground contrast strongly, unnatural;

2, the gloss is weak, mostly resin gloss, less than the "A cargo" jadeite near glass luster;

3, the structure is relatively loose, magnified inspection shows that the crystal particles are staggered, displaced, and lose direction;

4, with a gem magnifying glass can be observed on the surface of the orange peel like pits, called the "orange peel effect";

5, the density and refractive index are generally relatively lower than the "A goods" jade;

6. If the glue is injected, it is pink or yellow-green fluorescent under the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp;

7, gently tapping the "B goods" jade bracelet, its voice is boring, and the sound of "A goods" jade bracelet is crisp and sweet.

Regarding the difference between a cargo and b cargo jade, after the above introduction, everyone knows how to judge. The difference between A cargo jade and B cargo jade is still very big. When choosing, be sure to judge clearly.

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