How to distinguish between silk quilt and quilt silk quilt

There are two kinds of silk mainly produced in China. One is the so-called mulberry silk, which is the silk extracted from the silkworm knot. The silk color is white with yellow, the hand feels fine and smooth, and there is a faint smell of animal fiber. The quilt made with this kind of silk is particularly soft and close to the body; at the same time, there is a disadvantage that after a period of use, the gap between the silks is easily tightened, resulting in a thinned quilt, and the effect of warming is not as good as before.
Another type of silk is tussah silk, which is produced from tussah pupa. The tussah is a wild silkworm, mainly living in the north. It is artificially stocked in the wild mountain forest. It feeds on the eucalyptus leaves. Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk is darker in color and its original color is grayish black. This color of material is used as a quilt and is usually not acceptable to consumers; therefore, in the actual production process, tussah silk is often fading with acid-based chemicals, so it is harmful to human health. In addition, the "silk" contained in the silkworm silk body is relatively large, resulting in its own rough texture, not smooth enough, and the gloss is relatively dim; and the rigidity of the silkworm silk is also relatively strong, not very close. To this end, many manufacturers will use chemical additives to remove the tussah silk; more manufacturers in order to increase the gloss of silk, will give silk industrial oil or even lard, these additives are obviously not good for the human body. The reason for the use of tussah silk as a mulberry silk by some unscrupulous manufacturers is the cost.
At present, the price of mulberry silk in the domestic market has continued to rise in recent years. Now the price of the best mulberry silk has reached 250 yuan/kg; while the price of tussah silk is only 200 yuan/kg, and the relatively poor tussah silk is only 150 yuan/kg. Since the same is the raw silk, the unscrupulous manufacturers will of course use cheaper raw materials.
“Unscrupulous manufacturers will not add most of the tussah silk in a quilt, but will be entangled in the mulberry silk, making it difficult to identify.” The most common method is to first use mulberry silk to lay the bottom, then a layer of mulberry The silk is separated by a layer of tussah silk, and finally the mulberry silk is used to bread. Calculated with a bed of 2 kg quilt, if you use 30% tussah silk, the cost can be reduced by 140 yuan.
However, the rigidity of tussah silk is relatively strong, which can enhance the quilt's warmth. Therefore, some enterprises actively use tussah silk to make silk quilt in mulberry silk, and clearly indicate the content ratio of the two. This practice is also recognized by the industry.
For the sake of everyone's health, it is better to buy pure mulberry silk. This is not to say how the tussah silk is made. As long as the tussah silk is not subjected to chemical processing that is harmful to the human body, the tussah silk can be the same. Play a warming role.

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