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LGTaste Ai music products women Chengzhao Jiangxi agents! A vast market space waiting for you to explore! LGTaste Ai music goods women's brand has always been "stylish and elegant style, rich and varied style, ever-changing colors, reasonable prices, warm and thoughtful service" as a guideline, advance with the times, pioneering and innovative! Warmly welcome and the country Customers sincere cooperation, create Albert.

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LGTaste Ai Yue music women's brand agent in Jiangxi _ Aisha (Changsha) Clothing Co., Ltd is Hong Kong Ai music goods (International) Women's Fashion Co., Ltd. in mainland China's sole distributor, the sole agent of Hong Kong Ai music goods (International) Fashion Women's Limited's well-known fashion women's brand "Ai music products LGTaste" in the Chinese mainland's total operations. Ai Shang music products "LGTaste" to create a high quality of life mood, enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable consumer experience, taste the aesthetic taste of fashion-oriented, a variety of aesthetic concepts in the design clever combination of 22-36 for fashion and quality Sensitive, the pursuit of fashion, personality, high-quality women's life design of high-end brand women.

Products name:Cheap and beautiful wholesale Indoor Slipper

Out sole:EVA & TPR.                             

Size: 29cm as normal,size customized.

Upper materrial: fleece.                                         

Logo:offset printig logo, embroidery, hot-trans-printing.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 50-200 pairs per carton as request.

Delivery Detail: 30days.               


1. New designed promotional gift slipper
2. Customized color and size
3. High quality, fair price

Indoor Slipper

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