Paddy children's clothing analysis of children's clothing brand companies face marketing challenges

Marketing is not the same as sales, marketing is a comprehensive knowledge, pay attention to big strategy. Many children's wear business "fat" in marketing, there are also many children's wear business "planted" in marketing. Modern brand children's wear in marketing takes a "progressive" approach, from the market to market-driven. Adapt to the market: starting from the customer's marketing model, children's clothing brand first found a market, aimed at this market, find its needs, and then try to surpass competitors to meet these needs. These companies, driven by the market, assume that they face homogeneous markets and customers with consistent needs. Even niche markets can have large customers and diverse needs. Therefore, starting from the customer's marketing model, companies try to understand the needs of each customer, and then personalized marketing. Database marketing is a typical example of personalized marketing. For example, a children's clothing brand has accumulated information on 100,000 customers. After data mining, it found that these 100,000 customers include 5,000 market units. Suppose that one of the market units is 500 customers who bought a cotton coat and a pair of jeans at the same time. They are highly likely to buy a velvet jacket. Then if the company to promote plus velvet jacket, only to send a letter to 500 customers instead of 100,000 customers. Now there are many children's wear brands also understand: light starting from the customer is not enough, but also starting from every customer. So began personalized marketing, database marketing, one-to-one marketing, from adapting to the market to meet customers. Drive the market: This is a new way of marketing children's wear that is better suited to the market and to the satisfaction of the customer. It means opening a brand new market or redefining the old market, including disruptive product innovations, redefining the old industry, Process revolution. Today, the daunting marketing challenge facing children's wear businesses is moving from adapting to driving the market. Yantai paddy costume design and planning limited liability company Address: Yantai Zhifu District Xishan Road 30-9 Tel: Company website:

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