Environmentally friendly underwear favored, Love yarn Baby Magic Bra future prospects

China's underwear market every year to nearly 30% growth rate, underwear industry is recognized as a sunrise industry. However, there are many underwear enterprises in a few years ago is still booming, a few years hard to find trace, gradually fade out of sight of consumers. For a long-term underwear business, we must analyze the market to understand the consumer demand of women, with strong innovation and new product development capabilities, in order to better targeted to capture the market, give play to their advantages, each breaking, so that a country. Looking at China's underwear market Raiders, not just the brand, product, channel, promotion, marketing and other links. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of the market, it is targeted at breaking through the fierce competition.


As the first brand of Chinese underwear healthy underwear love yarn is a long-term vision of the underwear brand, listed in Hong Kong in 2009 at the beginning, executive director and director of marketing, led by Zou Jifu love top leaders put lingerie product positioning Middle and high-end brands, and put forward the concept of "Do first to do fine work after the fine" brand ideas and "take care of women's health as their responsibility" business purposes, and a huge investment in Shenzhen to set up underwear R & D center and in Shenzhen, Shantou as the center Underwear production base, in order to grasp the pulse of fashion and consumer demand for healthy underwear, Love yarn implementation of multi-brand strategy, upgrading the technological content of products work hard. As of now, Love yarn's four brands for Love yarn Baby, Bai You Ti, IFEICE and Princess, which Love yarn Baby and IFEICE (Ai Feisi) for the price brand, Bai You Ti for the high-end brands, GetFit (Princess) For high-end e-commerce brands, the mid-range brand price between 100-200 yuan, high-end brand price between 680-980 yuan, this price positioning, to meet different occupations, different regions, different hobbies and different spending power of women demand. In terms of technology, Love yarn walk in the forefront of domestic underwear , especially the environmentally friendly underwear - Love yarn Baby Magic Bra launch, is the perfect combination of technology and fashion, has been in the hot state since the listing, especially Spring Festival approaching, many women consumers love magic yarn ring as the Spring Festival essential bra.

In Chongqing Nanping Oriental Mall Love yarn baby underwear counters, the reporter saw the beautifully decorated, elegant style shop, full of people, crowded, many girls are choosing their own underwear. Miss shopping guide told reporters that from New Year's Day, the store's business is getting better, which is the best selling love yarn Baby Magic Bra, the daily sales growth of 3,4 times more than usual. Some girls often wear love yarn baby magic ring bra feel particularly comfortable, come back to pick a one-time selection of 2 the same style, different color bra. For brand underwear stores, consumers first value is the quality, customer retention and adhesion is still quite high.

Zou Jifu, executive director and marketing director of Love yarn apparel group, believes that under the background of globalization, the brand is without borders. Since the German brand Triumph can grab the Chinese market, China's underwear does not lose to the big names in quality and design, So why China's underwear can not get into the European market?

To this end, in order to love yarn brand successfully into the European and American markets, Love yarn has done an unprecedented effort, and finally in 2011 will love yarn successfully opened the European market, and quickly in France, Britain, Italy and other countries blushed by foreign white-collar workers, Female college students, France's first lady's pro-gaze.

Speaking of love yarn sold overseas this thing, Love yarn executive director and marketing director Zou Jifu told reporters that in the international market localization, internationalization of the local market today, into the internationalization is an inevitable process, there is no international perspective Commercial operations will have no room for survival; in addition, local wisdom has the vitality and space for its integration into the internationalization process. The combination of an international perspective and local wisdom is becoming a mainstream business model. For the future, Love yarn is still a long way to go. In the future, Love yarn will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "technology, fashion, sincerity and innovation", weaving the underwear products with love silk, and continuously satisfy China and even World women's infinite pursuit of fashion and comfort.

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