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Balalaika, a French company, is a multinational corporation mainly engaged in the business of Parlament International (Group) Co., Ltd. in France. It is a new fashion apparel company that is determined to innovate and lead the trend. Its famous brands include BALALA, B + "and" Blues Classic "and so on. Group administered Ba La 啦 Dongguan City Clothing Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Bi Jia Garments Co., Ltd., Ba La La Industrial Co., Ltd. and many Other wholly owned subsidiaries, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong more than 30 A country and region.


Baolala has won the favor of women all over the world for its fashionable elegance and modern casual design style. It enjoys a good reputation in the domestic women's market. The target consumer groups are positioned in a new generation of women who are mature, confident, independent and elegant. They like changing lifestyles and are willing to challenge themselves, the pursuit of individuality, the trend of worship, have their own unique lifestyle and unique experience and requirements. "Speed ​​fashion, full value" is BALALA's business philosophy, and fully meet the fashion needs of contemporary women, providing a variety of services and constantly changing attempt to create a colorful, colorful fashion life for women consumers.

芭啦啦快时尚女装 为女性塑造完美着装

Simple, classic, casual, fashion, and other unique style to black, white gray, the main colors, accompanied by the red, yellow and green colors every season, the trend of the design concept, through the sensual, stylish and sophisticated performance techniques, As well as unique store space design art to meet the needs of contemporary women to show their individuality needs for the modern taste of women into a perfect dress concept of the new fashion leisure lifestyle. As a representative of popular women's wear, Balala's products are the perfect interpretation of the European and American fashion, and its unique charm has become synonymous with fashion brand women 's fashion.

芭啦啦快时尚女装 为女性塑造完美着装


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