Dragon stamps domineering exposed accused of too ferocious

Dragon stamps domineering exposed accused of too ferocious “It was late, and when I opened the newspaper, I saw the dragon boat ticket. I was scared to death! It is said that the pattern was rumored to be controversial. Some people said, “were solemn and solemn, all righteous.” Some people think that “the evil spirit is evil and the arrogance is exposed”... The scholar Zhang Yihe and his words on Weibo represent many people's views on the upcoming Lunar New Year stamps. Because of the special meaning of dragons, the controversy over the design of dragon tickets has also been over-interpreted on the Internet. However, for all kinds of ridicule and accusations, the designer Chen Shaohua was calm and actively responded.

Tune: It's not just the smiley face of a dragon ticket that hits you. It's not just a smiley face, but the microblogging of Zhang Yizhong and Tian Wei’s microblogging has triggered tens of thousands of retransmissions. Nearly 4,000 comments have been made. The heat of the matter can be seen. For this stamp, various opinions and controversies were also issued.

Professor Fu Gu Sun of Fudan said: "I can't understand it all the time, especially how a foreign child likes animal toys that ordinary people seem to have a bit terrible: snakes, lizards, crocodiles, dinosaurs, etc. Made into China to earn some money?"

Some netizens compared the dragon ticket with a screenshot of Yi Zhongtian in the Lecture Room. At first glance, the dragon's expression is quite similar to Yi Zhongtian. And Chen Shaohua also forwarded this microblog and commented: "Oh, I'm sorry, Ei-yi! The face is not intentional."

For Zhang Yuhe’s criticism, China’s famous contemporary graphic designer, designer of the 2008 Beijing Olympics logo, and Chen Shaohua, who had served as a teacher at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in the early years, replied, “Thank you for Mr. Zhang’s recommendation. If it scares you, then I I'm sorry to say this! However, the comments here are so interesting that I have run into tears when I haven't read it yet. It's not only smiles that bring you happiness. I wish you a happy new year!"

After Ma Bo-Yong treated the dragon ticket as an art, it looked like a falling dragon. He used four claws to slow it down on the glass. Ma Boyong also had a sentence: “Please imagine the sound of sharp claws scratching the glass... ..." Chen Shaohua also commented after forwarding, "Ma brother has talent!"

"Dragon ticket": This is the third round of the Lunar New Year stamp issued by China. On January 5, China Post issued a special stamp of "Yan Chen Nian" with a denomination of 1.20 yuan. This is the "dragon ticket" issued by the third round of Chinese zodiac stamps issued by China.

China's first round of the Chinese zodiac "Dragon Ballot" is a special stamp of "Emperor Year" on January 5, 1988. A full set of 1 face value of 8 points.

The second round of the Chinese zodiac "Dragon Ballot" is a special stamp of "Geng Chen Nian" on January 5, 2000. A full set of 2 pieces. The first "Lucky Dragon Takes Off," with a face value of 80 points. The second piece of "Rising Sun Rising" has a denomination of 2.80 yuan. Why shouldn't the dragon be more modern, kind and young?

Chen Shaohua's doubts: Divinity and majesty are the basic characteristics of the dragon Recently, the reporter saw Chen Shaohua, the stamp designer who came to Xi’an, and interviewed him. As a famous graphic designer, the fate of Chen Shaohua and the Lunar New Year stamps is far-reaching. In the third round of the Chinese zodiac stamp, he designed the cartoon "monkey" in 2004, highlighting the harmony of the "pig" in 2007 and the "Buffalo" in 2009. “This dragon ticket design is actually a work of rescue. It took more than one month to complete.”

Controversy 1: The image is too fierce Responsive: The main function of the dragon is to design evil spirits as the designer of the dragon ticket. Chen Shaohua claims to be a little proud of himself, but still more awkward and restless. In explaining his design intent, he believes that not all designs need innovation, and that design is also a design; the design of public goods must be consistent with real-life circumstances, as well as traditional themes; the dragon is the god of the 12th Chinese zodiac, and God cannot be free. Changes in alienation (such as modernization of cartoonization); in the private sector, the main function of the dragon is to ward off evil spirits, exorcise evil spirits, avoid disasters, and fortify evils.

"In the beginning, the judges did not quite approve of this design. They asked me to be modern, kind, and young." Chen Shaohua said that he believes his design is correct. He will look for the stamps. The leaders of the ministry communicated with the designers and clarified his design intent and ideas, and finally accepted it.

Chen Shaohua said: "As a representative of the Chinese mythical beast, we must not be too gentle and lovely in the dragon's votes because it is not the image of the dragon in the hearts of most Chinese people. Too much emphasis on affinity will weaken the basic cultural characteristics of the dragon. It may not necessarily be in line with the contemporary Chinese mood. From divine power to self-confidence on behalf of China, a fierce and powerful, dignified and self-confident dragon is an appropriate choice."

Controversy 2: Plagiarism “Big Dragon” Response: Reference to the Ming and Qing dynasty dragons Many people think that Chen Shaohua’s dragon ticket is similar to China’s first stamp stamp.

For the connotation of the pattern, Chen Shaohua made the following explanation: “In addition to the dragon, all other zodiac animals can find the corresponding animal prototype in reality. Only the dragon, as a unique product of Chinese culture, is in the zodiac series. There is the most unique personality, from the warmth of the earliest period of the Hongshan Culture Jade Dragon to the agility of Yunlong during the Qin and Han dynasties, and to the majesty of the dragon during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The dragon has continued to evolve in its image until today. The dragon totem worship that lasted for more than 5,000 years has finally evolved into a representative of Chinese culture.” In his opinion, the dragon with its majestic sense and divine intensification, on the one hand, Expressing strength and authority, on the other hand, it also represents evil and auspiciousness. In the design, it is crucial to show that the dragon is different from all other Chinese zodiac authorities in terms of authority, divinity, and evil spirits.

Chen Shaohua said that the design of the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year ticket was based on the basic configuration of the Ming and Qing styles. This also echoes the form of China's first stamp Great Dragon Stamp. Qilong styling is the “authentic shape” of the ancient dragon graphic development to its peak period. Even with the coiled angle, the claw shape has strict specifications. Choosing Xiaolong modeling is precisely the hope of highlighting the spiritual ethos of the people brought about by China’s rise as a world power.

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