Han Lier thermal underwear warm winter series imported heating fiber fabric

With the progress of science and technology, thermal underwear also have in the production process, material innovation, every year there will be some new terms, new fabrics, which has become a lot of consumer purchasing puzzles, thermal underwear how to choose it?

Thermal underwear used in the fabric, cashmere, wool, cotton and other traditional materials, thermal performance is relatively good, by people's generally recognized, the elderly and children in the choice should pay more attention to warmth and comfort, suitable for selection of cotton , Wool flakes, camel plush and other materials, thermal underwear, such as three warm cotton thermal underwear, the inner and outer layers are pure cotton, only the middle layer is a chemical fiber material, thermal effect is good, personal wear comfortable, However, poor ventilation performance, not enough sculpting, more suitable for the elderly.


Buy thermal underwear, the first thing to look at product labels, the above marked material, the rate of warmth and other meet their own needs; followed by the entire product to see whether the fabric defects, whether there is uneven dyeing.

When buying thermal underwear, try not to choose too tight products, will affect the blood circulation. In the selection of thermal underwear, the price level is only as a reference, the fabric should be warm performance, soft and comfortable, light weight, good flexibility for the best, but should try to choose the supermarkets, shopping malls and other formal channels to buy regular underwear manufacturers products, Product quality assurance at the same time, there are problems in the future rights protection is also guaranteed.

Three layers of thermal underwear, woven by the double-sided mezzanine circular knitting, fabrics from the surface, the mezzanine composed of three layers, common in the surface were cotton, polyester, viscose and cellulose fiber, the interlayer are 100% polyester stretch yarn, the price is close to the people.

Fleece thermal underwear, woven knitted single-sided knit lining fleece fabric, the fabric is generally worn on the side of the body wearing velvet, the choice of raw materials mainly acrylic, cotton, viscose, spandex, warm, breathable and good product color bright , Fuzzing, wearing soft, flexible. "

Hanlil thermal underwear warm winter series imported heating fiber as a fabric, which is a set of special artificial wood pulp fiber and superfine Dan and anti-pilling acrylic advantages in a new type of touch functional fibers, with heat, heat, humidity, Light and soft and other features.

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