Bedding maintenance violets teach coups

Bedding is with us every day, it is a must in our life. People's quality sleep is often determined by a good set of bedding. Comfortable and healthy sleep can bring people into a sweet dream, so bedding often Cleaning and maintenance to ensure the quality of its health is very important, the home textile brand Violet, professional and accurate level teach you how to care for your personal bed.

Bedding maintenance violets teach coups

The first move, look at the product specifications of the bedding products, the well-known brand of home textile bedding will be equipped with a simple product manual, which will detail the washing method of the product. The four-piece product specification for Violet Home Textile Bedding is usually in the form of a wash water. For example, the wash water of the kit product is usually sewn on the inside of the opening of the kit. The product manual will give us tips on washing methods.

The second trick, bedding should be launched before the first use. Many people are used to washing the new clothes before they are worn for the first time. They can wash off the floating debris on the surface of the clothes, and secondly, the clothes are sold before the sale. People touched or tried to pass through, washed and then put on more sanitary. Violet home textiles are recommended to be rinsed once with water before the first use. This is mainly to wash off the pulp and dyed surface of the bedding, which will be softer to use. The bedding of brand home textiles generally does not shrink or fade. If there are problems such as discoloration and shrinkage after watering, it indicates that the bedding products have quality problems. You can contact the merchant for return and exchange at the first time. For darker-colored bedding, you can add appropriate amount of white vinegar or salt to prevent color loss when washing for the first time, and anti-drying method when drying.

The third measure, the washing precautions for bedding products. The bedding products are prone to sweat stains and breed aphids. Therefore, they need to be changed frequently. Violet Home Textiles recommends that you change your bedding for half a month to one month to ensure that the bedding is hygienic. Generally, the washing of pure cotton should not exceed 30 °C, and it should not be bleached. Dry cleaning is recommended. Beds with special materials should be specially washed. For example, when linen products are washed, they should not be rubbed or twisted. Otherwise, they are easy to fluff and affect the appearance and life. Light-colored products should be washed separately from dark products when the bedding is cleaned to avoid staining each other.

The fourth measure, the precautions for bedding drying, will gradually enter the cold autumn season, we will use the summer cool quilt for summer use, air conditioning is to be collected, slowly replaced into spring and autumn quilt, and then colder, it is necessary to change thick Winter quilt. Although these core products are difficult to wash and then collect, they must be properly stored after drying. At the same time, the core products should be aired again before being taken out again in season to ensure the hygiene and comfort of the bedding. Pay attention to the three principles of drying: 1. All quilts are not suitable for exposure, but should be aired and aired. 2, the general best drying time is between 11 am and 2 pm every day; 3, the quilt is better in light fastness, but generally two or three hours of drying is enough to restore fluffiness. Duvets, wool quilts and silk quilts can be aired for about three hours in a ventilated environment.

The fifth measure, the precautions for the bedding collection, the bedding must be collected after the seasoning. The collection and placement conditions must meet four conditions: anti-weight, no sunlight, low humidity, and good ventilation. Violet Home Textiles reminds you to pay special attention to the collection of tabs of special materials. Cotton and hemp products are easy to mold, insect and dry, and special care should be taken to keep the environment clean and prevent mildew. White silk products, silk can not be placed in the chopsticks or placed in a coffin box, otherwise the color will be dark yellow. Just as the dark and light bedding should be washed separately, the collection should also be stored separately to prevent shadowing.

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