Brilliance · Yashi boutique lingerie achievements elegant charm of women

Brings together new concepts of fashion trends all over the world and introduces the latest technological elements in the world to apply to the high-end fashion brand of women with complete intellectual property rights: Brilliance Yash, taste, health and shaping are brand positioning and bring huge profits to all businesses , While giving more and more modern women's unprecedented health care, proud figure and distinguished status.

华晨·雅仕精品内衣 成就优雅魅力女性

Brilliance · Yashi Brand Vision: Let all women can wear both healthy and comfortable underwear, a more elegant and attractive women
Brilliance · Yashi Brand Mission: to help all women wear the right right fit underwear, wear confidence, become more healthy, more beautiful, the family is happier! Brilliance · Yashi brand product philosophy: health to wear to wear health point - as much as possible the use of high-tech elements with rich health fabrics, so that adjust the underwear to give women more health protection

华晨·雅仕精品内衣 成就优雅魅力女性

Brilliance Yashi underwear for different female body shape, three-dimensional design corresponding to the real shape of the different styles, as tailor-made the same - there is always a suitable for you;
For different personalities and preferences, different colors are designed --- you always have the same color;
Yashi adjustment underwear brand positioning: first-line image, second-tier prices

Ihram Haji Towel
High quality, kin-care and comfortable
Fast dry,breathable, absorbant, elegant
size:43*84inch,43*86inch,44*88inch etc(customized)
weight:55g/pc,600g/pc,700g/pc etc(customized)
Colour: white
Design: Plain dyed or present designs or clients design

Ihram Haji Towel

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