Brand sparkling love presents - Cage House together "Metamorphosis" support poor students in Gansu experience life

A few days ago, Hu County, Haining Township Wang Mashan primary Hu Ruonan into the Hunan Satellite TV "Transformer", her rough life experience and a positive attitude towards life infected with the national audience, that lively and lovely image also unwittingly walked Into the hearts of the audience in the country. Young men should study on the one hand and take care of elderly grandparents on the other. However, her optimism and courageous challenge have touched us. In the evening of February 22 broadcast "Metamorphosis", a small man came to the Guangzhou Kaka House Clothing Co., Ltd. store experience life, played a Shopping guide. Small Ruonan hospitality hospitality guests in the Kach House store, open-minded with the Purchasing Guide learning product features, materials, discounts, etc., carefully try on the guests clothes, with her clever eloquence to promote clothes ... small Ruonan Kagaya store Everything that has been shown for three days in the past is nothing less than the qualities of an official shop assistant. The young man also said in the program that this trip in Guangzhou has broadened her horizons and increased her interest in learning and her optimistic attitude toward life. Photo credit from Lanzhou Morning Post Guangzhou Cage House Fashion Co., Ltd. has been actively participating in various charitable and loving undertakings as "Top Ten Chain Store Brands for Children in the Chinese Market", "Reliable Brands for Children's Apparel in the Chinese Market" and "Double-quality Brand for Quality Service in China Market" , Many counterparts in the Pearl River Delta region sponsor a lot of poor students, it is learned that Kakayu House has launched a "Kakya Red Scarf Love Fund" project aimed at enterprises, distributors, customers build a platform for love, targeting children in poor families "Warm action" to achieve Kachya House for partners to create business, create value for consumers, creating opportunities for employees, create value for the community's corporate values. Kaki house image brand shine shop, showing love. The Kaki House and Hunan Satellite TV hand in hand to support the small male experience life, not only in earnest practice of corporate responsibility, pass love, but also in the delivery of good brand information. Kakayu House understands the principle of "unite every love, pass it on, and not only illuminate others but also warm yourself." Love is like a fire of stars, caring for people, infecting people and warming every corner of the city. Kakayu House, your caring people forever! Carry forward the past, the future, Kaqi people will continue to improve themselves and continue to uphold the "do first-class enterprises, creating a hundred years," the vision of the modern enterprise toward the road to a solid, steady, high-speed forward! Kakaya House will continue the love of action in the future, continue to pay attention to the little boy's "Metamorphosis." For details, see: http: // Kaka House Clothing Co., Ltd Address: 8th Floor, Block B, Laiwu Building, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Zhongshan Official Website: Official Weibo: Wealth Hotline:

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