How to maintain silk home textiles

What is commonly referred to as silk is mulberry silk, which is a protein fiber spit out from silkworm. It contains a variety of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body: as people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened and the requirements for quality of life are constantly increasing. Silk home textiles, which are natural fibers, are therefore more popular. Many people think that silk is too delicate, easy to wrinkle and fade. Short service life and so on. In fact, these are caused by improper washing and maintenance. As long as you master the correct washing and maintenance methods, you can completely maintain the brilliance of the silk home textile and the unique soft texture, and experience the noble feeling of silk for a long time.

First, dry cleaning articles

Whenever possible, use dry cleaning. The quality of silk is not easily affected by dry cleaning solvents, so dry cleaning is the safest way to maintain silk fabrics. When you send silk home textiles, please pay attention to the following things: 1. Choose a regular, professional dry cleaner.

2. Home textiles stained with stains, please send them as soon as possible.

3. If possible, tell the dry cleaners the cause of the stain.

4. Please inform the dry cleaner at the stain.

5. If some parts are discolored due to friction, please tell the dry cleaner so that you can use special treatment to restore the original.

Second, washing articles

In the absence of dry cleaning conditions, a water wash can be used. Washing of silk home textiles requires professional knowledge, so please wash them in strict accordance with the requirements of the washing logo on the product.

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