Chinese jewellery world interprets Chinese style

At the recently held "Christie's Geneva Auction", New York Chinese jewellery designer Hu Yinfei's "Haizhi" brooch was sold for $4.57 million, setting a record for global contemporary jewellery auctions, refreshing Burmese sapphire per carat. The world record for the highest transaction price.

In recent years, more and more Chinese jewelry designers have become famous in the international fashion circle, in addition to Hu Yinfei, as well as Zhao Xinyi, Dickson Yewn, Liu Fei and other "big names." Relevant people pointed out that the success of Chinese designers lies in their ability to combine Chinese and Western styles and flexibly use Chinese elements to present the beauty of world fashion.

It is reported that the "Chinese element" is a "business card" often produced by Chinese jewellery designers, and their works also reveal a unique oriental charm. The "Jade Diamond Ruyi Window Flower Ring" designed by Chinese Wendison has been appreciated by the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. This ring with a strong Chinese style combines the elegance of women with the subtle beauty of Chinese tradition to successfully transform Chinese windowwork into a decorative art that can be worn.

Of course, the Chinese designer’s screaming overseas is not just a simple superposition of Chinese elements. Liu Fei, founder and designer of Feiliu Jewelry, said: "China's culture and art come from connotations, not its surface. How to integrate old historical stories into new vitality is something worth studying." Today, more designs The teacher considered that the essence of Chinese culture should be infiltrated into the jewelry design.

Hu Yinfei's exclusive jewelry "Taiji Snake Ring" designed by photographer Cindy Sherman reflects the concept of yin and yang in Chinese culture. The jewelry is based on gold snakes and silver snakes, with the fingers and wrists as the basic shape, and the mid-point made of mother shell and black agate is a very mid-point, cleverly connecting two snakes. Hu Yinfei said: "The Tai Chi is rich in balance, balanced and harmonious, rather than exaggerated." This jewellery design combines oriental aesthetics with Western craftsmanship, presenting a staggered and combined aesthetic that reflects the beauty of China's golden mean.

Coincidentally, the Chinese designer Xie Ruilin also launched the "Five Elements" theme jewelry series. This series of works, with the traditional Chinese "five elements" philosophy as the source of creation, expresses the "balance" beauty that Chinese traditional philosophy admires through the fusion of materials, colors and shapes. Xie Ruilin believes that the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil are all elements of nature, and the five elements also have their own characteristics. “Every element is drawn to each other to create a balance and harmony. It is a harmonious aesthetic.”

As the designer Liu Fei said: “The collision of culture and culture can produce unique beauty.” The Chinese characteristics displayed in the works of Chinese jewellery designers, such as the starry sky, adorned the sky of the international fashion world. Relevant experts said that "the nation is the world", only the first to get close to the world, there is an opportunity to show the nation. Chinese jewelry designers have taken an important step closer to the world.

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