Dreamy colors romance cut Belle underwear

If the external wear is for the pleasing, then, underwear , it is the endorsement of a woman's taste. Do not seek grandstanding under the publicity, only to give their most intimate care. Day Bell underwear, always add countless romantic memories of life.

French fashion lingerie, home service The Bell brand from the world capital of fashion Paris, a city full of dreams and legendary, La Bell (La EIBELLE) brand in January 2009 formally entered China.

Remember the French Provence, the romantic lavender town gave Zabel free, beautiful, uninhibited soul. Polka Dot, stripes, lace, hit color, exposure to Bell's world, the sweetheart of a small woman, pure and sexy like a paradise in Wonderland.

思婕环球 - LaEIBELLE

Dream color, romantic tailoring, Bell crystal wand instantly shine, bloom magical magic, take you to the dream of the temple. Queen of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Colorful Candy Castle, Huge Flowers, Pastel High Heels Cast ... ... Whether it's a candy-like heart-shaped bra, or a sweet and sexy peach powder pants , Or quiet and pleasant chiffon lotus leaf nightgown, in the Bell underwear world, let's say loudly love it.

The La EIBELLE brand includes collections ranging from fashion lingerie to trendy home furnishing to casual and fashion accessories to young women's love for its romantic European design that meets the needs of young women's fashion. Bell, new taste, a new image, is leading the underwear, clothing, clothing fashion trends.

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