Ancient Rome fresh and refined gold "tied" title good clothes

Marios Schwab Hervé Léger by Max Azria The history of clothing is a very interesting topic, such as the image of ancient Egypt was often inspired by John Galliano, and thousands of years later, these ancient clothing styles, are still common in the clothing show. For another point of view, the evolution of clothing is modest, the ancients wrapped in skin or cloth to achieve the purpose of practical and warm, while Greece and the Romans use the drape of the fabric, wrapping wrapped natural Wrinkled lines. Mentioned winding, different from the ancient Greek and Roman style, many fashion designers today, the use of ribbon bundling and bandage approach to create the effect of fitting female body lines, quite feminine. Lift the bandage, often used to explain the interpretation of clothing, fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, once dressed in a bandage design, shocked the fashion industry, and this spring and summer, many designers also use the winding strap approach to performance Ancient Greece and Rome share of fresh and refined beauty. Marios Schwab (Figure 1) inspired by the Greek style, a lot of winding and bandages to create a natural wrinkle effect, coupled with the asymmetrical design, like a modern version of the Greek goddess. Narciso Rodriguez transforms the straps into an abstract artistic design that looks like straps on clothing, some is wrapped in satin bandages and some turns into simple lines, but becomes African in the width and width of the designer Wilderness style interpretation. Hervé Léger by Max Azria (Figure 2) is the most complete brand to be used for winding and strapping this season. One is wearing a matching dress under the strap design, along the female body straps, plus soft colors With less Greek goddess-like elegance, but more copies of a more fit the city will be sexy. As for Thakoon, which will lift the strapping straps to another level, it seems that the wrapping lines on the garments are just simple decorations, but the swaying lines feel more artistic under the color layers. Overall, the theme of this season's twine and bandage, although not completely copy the beauty of the ancient Greek and Roman period, but also in a package of layers of lines, but also represents some meaning. First, the impact of the environment, the decorative trend than those who had fancy design come, so use the visual effects created by the strap, in addition to creating a natural sense of wrinkles in clothing, the asymmetrical lines Can play a certain beauty. Then again is the psychological level, the clothing on the straps and wounds, more like another kind of protection, not only to fix the clothing itself, those ribbons or bundled lines, it seems like another female invisible protection of clothing. The last is to wear their own considerations, the kind of loose and fit the ratio between the strap and the winding lines show one by one. Some people may think that winding and strapping in some lines, limiting the freedom of female action, but today's fashion designer interpretation, from fabric, cut and match, etc., not only less ancient Greece and Rome share Feel more modern image but the designer's pursuit of the goal, take a look at the design of those who stretch the stage, a shorter than a piece of personal dress, in Lycra elastic fabric shape, showing the female curvaceous, tied Belt design is more like a limited framework in the search for a realistic breakthrough, by thinking back to the ancient Greek and Roman mood, people in this environment have a further imagination, less external disturbances, More peace of mind.

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