"Meng · illusion" fashion show reception and BR 2015 Spring Conference (Phase II) was held smoothly


It was a spring date, a feast of visual and taste collisions, and the models walked through the pool stage with the light shining, perfectly demonstrating the BR's new "Meng · Magic" feature , For the VIPs brought a luxurious water ballet show! September 15, 2014 From the mystical club, romantic jazz and pool Party reception embellishment in a grand Mo · Magic "fashion show cocktail party and BR2015 spring dress event opened.

“萌·幻”时尚秀酒会暨BR 2015春装发布会(第二期)顺利举行

The highlight of this spring, "Dream Bali" "Ocean Fantasy" "Garden Party" "Madoka" four theme series, will take you through this "Meng · Magic" romantic dinner.

“萌·幻”时尚秀酒会暨BR 2015春装发布会(第二期)顺利举行

The chairman delivered a speech and announced the official opening of the conference

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