2014 clothing production purchase warning

2014 clothing production purchase warning

Lightweight fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics in summer, with a light and smooth texture, soft and breathable, like silk, chiffon, modal, etc., are all popular materials, but because of its loose structure, it is easy to off line cracking, therefore, Whether it is production or purchase, it needs attention to avoid unnecessary defects. The assessment index for the safety of wearing the seam is the degree of slitting of the seam. From January to May this year, the provincial Textile Testing and Research Institute ranked among the top three unqualified items in the various inspection indicators. Most of the unqualified products are structural loose fabrics or light silk fabrics. Among the unqualified test data, the maximum unqualified value is as high as 2.5 cm. At present, China's woven fabric product standards have requirements for the assessment of the degree of splitting. At the same time, the standards for woven garments in China all have assessment requirements for the degree of slitting of the seams. The standard stipulates that the general qualified value of splitting is less than or equal to 0.6cm, and for light weight, the splitting quality is less than or equal to 0.8cm. However, at present, China's fabric standards and clothing standards do not match the splitting project indicators, fabric standards lag behind the apparel product standards. First-class fabrics may not be suitable for the production of first-class products, so there is a certain degree of risk from a quality perspective.

Most of the fabric manufacturing enterprises are commissioned enterprises. According to the requirements of the contract, the majority of the contract quality requirements are simply applied to the "quality requirements meet the national first-class product requirements", and there is no specific product standard number, do not understand the country Due to the corresponding fabric product standards, it is not possible to effectively control the quality of the product; there is less knowledge of the standard of the final finished fabric. Therefore, there is a greater quality risk in the product's raw material fabric.

Some garment manufacturing companies are excessively pursuing product styles and product sales. On the one hand, knowing that there are quality risks, it is also adventurous to use fabrics that are not suitable for clothing standards to produce finished products. On the other hand, the lack of quality checks on raw materials has led to the misuse of some finished fabrics that are not suitable for apparel standards. Both of these reasons have caused product quality risks.

Therefore, the Provincial Textile Testing and Research Institute has provided the following recommendations and consumption guidelines for production company warnings and consumer references.

Apparel manufacturers must pay attention to the purchase of fabrics. Try to tear the fabric by hand and tear it with a little force. It is recommended not to purchase. With the fingernail dialing the fabric, it was found that there was a serious phenomenon of the wire, and it was recommended to choose carefully; enterprises choose the structure of loose fabrics and light-weight silk fabrics to produce woven garments. In the pursuit of style and sales, we must pay special attention to the product standards. The index value of the joint performance (cracking); For clothing products that produce first-class goods and qualified products, it is recommended to choose the fabrics of excellent products and first-class products; the enterprises must choose the clothing of light-weight fabrics to meet the national standards for textile fabrics In addition, silk fabrics that meet the quality requirements specified in the clothing standards should not be used to risk the use of shredded and unqualified structurally loose fabrics and lightweight silk fabrics; it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of raw materials.

Consumers should also pay attention to inspections when purchasing clothing. For clothing with loose fabric structure and light-weight silk fabric clothing, attention should be paid to the strength at the clothing seam; when choosing this kind of structure with loose clothing and light and thin silk fabric clothing, for all kinds of seams, vertical to the seam Slightly pulling hard to the sides, it is found that there are large needle holes or sutures at the seams to drive the fabric to slip. It is recommended to buy it carefully.

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