Mabuchi Men's Spring and Summer 2012 held in Shanghai ordering

MGB Forte MGB intellectual men's 2012 spring and summer fair will be held in Shanghai. During the event, Zheng Sen Mu, Chairman of Maki Forte, made annotation on the brand culture of the intellectual men and the operation mode of the brand new brand, and received wide attention from distinguished guests and distributors on the scene. The order will last five days, a total of more than 200 dealers from all over the country to participate in this event. Fort Markey uphold its "intellectual man" brand culture, subject to the presence of guests and distributors alike. The franchise launched a new mode of distribution, zero-stress franchisee zero inventory to achieve the dream. This new model has also been highly respected guests present. In 1998, MGB brand officially entered the Chinese mainland market, combined with the actual market, dedicated to brand culture, sales of specialized terminals, and achieved good market performance. Under the leadership of the MGB brand founder Zheng Senmu, MGB pioneered the development of a new era.


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