Bloom 2011--ETTA New Romance Tour

On October 9th, 2010, a large number of T-stage movies with extreme visual luxury and costume art enjoyment came to an end at the Xiaomeisha Hotel and won the unanimous praise of more than 300 guests.

This exciting fashion show is: ETTA2011 spring and summer new product launch! In the performance of the "Taiwanxiu" named "New Romance Tour", more than 100 models were displayed, either fashionable, charming, or unrestrained, or subtle, or sexy, or fresh; T stage beauty was blooming like a flower. ETTA shows that ETTA brings you different styles in home, outdoors, shopping, parties and other different life situations. And these different theme series styles interpret ETTA's brand concept and design philosophy more thoroughly;
ETTA adheres to the original design concept in the spring/summer 2011 new product series again showing a pleasing and attractive appeal. The use of color is bright and lively. The flowers are lively and attractive. The style is sexy and young and true. It is sweet and doubles fashion. The vitality and unique flocking treatment highlight ETTA's consistent environmental and low-carbon lifestyle claims. The use of sport elements reflects the ETTA's concern for the health demands of home and outdoor yoga, Pilates and other slow movements; The use of the product's style is more feminine, making the wearer charming and sexy;
According to Lu Xiaozhou, the planner of SHOW, this SHOW was perfectly presented to everyone's eyes and was a surprise to the industry experts, media, and cooperative customers attending the meeting. They had carefully selected drills and rehearsals from the model. The arrangement of the show, the announcement of the theme background, and the design of the light dancing beauty all show that this SHOW has spent a lot of effort. There are rewards for paying, and the return is an affirmation of the experts attending the meeting. They said that this is the best SHOW that home furnishing brands have done in recent years. This not only shows that ETTA has been more mature in the domestic market after 2 years. It can also be seen that ETTA is taking a new step in brand building. It can be expected that ETTA's performance in the future market can bring more surprises to everyone! For the old readers who often come and go to various brand shows, they look at SHOW with more criticality: not only the hardware must be up to standard, but also the software must be perfect! However, after reading the ETTA2011 Spring/Summer show, the old reporters still gave satisfactory answers. This is the best reward for the hard-working ETTA staff.
So how do those ETTA market partners evaluate the SHOW? The reporter interviewed several Shenzhen department store personnel who attended the conference. They said that they have always been paying attention to ETTA. ETTA's unique product style makes them shine because the impression of domestic home furnishings has always been dull and traditional. The appearance of ETTA made people see the different directions of the development of home wear, and also made the structure of their home furnishing clothing brand more reasonable, so the next cooperation will be a matter of course! It is believed that the cooperation between the two parties can play a chemical reaction to attract more consumers and increase the level of consumption!
For ETTA, the agency customer who has always attached great importance to the market strategy, the number of customers attending this meeting is more than everyone's imagination. Not only the old customers are fully involved, but also new customers are more enthusiastic. These customers are The home service market is absolutely regarded as "Laojianghu", but after watching the spring and summer 2011 products, they still sincerely put up a thumbs-up: fabrics, colors, details are called boutique! The most convincing in this regard is, of course, their order data during the press conference. According to Lu Xiaozhou, this time, the ordering meeting was very successful. It exceeded the expectations that were set before, and the reporter asked how much money the person in charge had. Say: It is not well disclosed, but it has doubled compared to the same period last year!
Just like the blossoming flower of ETTA's LOGO, ETTA has become the most beautiful landscape in many domestic brands at home. At this time, flowers are bright and fragrant. . . . . . . .

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