40 well-prepared fabric exhibition business

Shishi an exhibitor is carefully prepared exhibitors Fabric products "Shanghai International Fabrics Exhibition to a large number of Chinese and foreign investors, exhibitors will be a good grasp of." Yesterday, both Shishi Fabric Association President and Shishi Jinli Bu company chairman of the dual identity of Hong Clearly told reporters. According to him, in order to effectively use this platform to display products and expand their influence, more than 40 fabric enterprises exhibiting in Shishi have made elaborate preparations for exhibiting products and exhibitions. Apparel fabrics now numerous, to win in the market, we must go ahead of consumer demand. This exhibition, Shishi each exhibitors mostly prepared more than 100 kinds of new fabrics, and of which there are some "go ahead of the consumer," the "ace product." Taiwan Lung cloth's "microporous membrane" fabric not only has a faster moisture absorption and sweat-absorbing effect, and feel good; Jin Lee cloth fabrics focus on international trends and convergence in the color and fabric organizations have many prominent Characteristics; Wen Hing Group in addition to display hundreds of various types of casual new fabrics, will focus on the introduction of a series of bio-based fiber fabrics; Yonggu Group in functional sports and leisure fabrics and down jacket, but also highlight the popular two years now " Printed leather feel, "the fabric; release of the main fabric is a major feature of the functional leisure sports and thin high-density fabrics, the show debut several" renewable resources fabric ", it is learned that this chemical fiber fabrics after special treatment, buried in the soil In a few months will be out on their own, reflecting the "low-carbon" and environmental protection. In the exhibition, more than 40 fabric companies are superb, trying to highlight the business for fashion understanding and product personality characteristics, some exhibitors also hired Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places of design masters "surgeon", and strive to make the exhibition in uniform effect The "Shishi Pavilion", the best to highlight the individual characteristics of their booth, in a limited space and time, highlighting products, seize the audience, to broaden a larger market lay the foundation. At present, the construction of the exhibition area is almost over. Participate in such a scale exhibition, mainly to go with the latest domestic and international consumer information and trends in the exchange, the collision of new sparks. Hong Ming said to the representatives of all exhibitors Shishi thought.

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