Netizens share experience in buying curtains

A few days ago, I took time to transfer the curtain shop in Qingdao. The Qingdao curtain shop is mainly concentrated in 4 sections: Weihai Road, Hangzhou Road, Licun Shuyuan Road, and Minjiang Road. The things in the first three places should be similar. The location is different, the last thing on the Minjiang Road is not too much, but it is famous. So I just went to see Weihai Road and Minjiang Road.

I feel that there are so many problems, share with you, I hope to give you a reference:

1, the curtain shop staff is not too telling the truth, mainly for the material of the cloth, may be in order to sell the price, or everyone can do so, anyway, the general polyester or polyester polyester material, you ask him, He generally said that linen material, so if you don't believe in the curtain shop for the material of the fabric, you should know some basic knowledge in advance, and then you can see it yourself. Many shops are like this. Regardless of the fabric or the yarn, it is said that the linen is basically completely clean and can be seen at a glance. Including Akh, who claims to sell high-end goods, I can claim that 90% of the materials are polyester. He said it is silk! 10% of the suspicions is that Ah Ah is also lying like this?

2, the price of cloth in many shops is very low, but the accessories are made a lot. The accessories are mainly the lace of the ear, the ear of the yarn, and the tape. Therefore, the store naturally has to do everything possible to recommend you to use these accessories. The curtains they designed are also Using a lot of tassels or fungus, in fact, most of the ear lace is a superfluous thing, it does not play any role, it is absolutely recommended that you can not match, for the yarn fungus, some really deserve a good, is also needed But for the extra ones, we can resolutely give up. We must have our own opinions. Don’t be persuaded by the store. They will definitely say that they don’t deserve to be good. But in fact, many of them are not worthy of being better, but there is no way to cloth. Well, this money can only make people earn.

3, more turn, the same fabric will appear in different stores, but the price will vary greatly, such as the same in Weihai Road, there is a silver jacquard cloth, an ordinary store is very cheap, and then like a fish The store is quite expensive to sell, there is a siro yarn, green, there is in Weihai Road, there is also a store in the Minjiang Road, forgetting that it is next to the European wind or the European wind, it is much more expensive. This also shows that everyone enters the cloth channel is almost the same, there is no special unique things, things vary greatly depending on the store's vision.

4. There is no need to equip all the curtains in one store. There are not many good curtains in each store. You only need to choose the best ones. You don't have to buy all the curtains in the same store.

5, the curtain shop also sells tracks and curtain rods, but the curtain shop does not understand these things, and does not pay attention to them. It does not care much about the quality of these products. In fact, the quality of the track and curtain rods is more important than the curtains. Because it takes a long time, and the difference in quality is still very large, it is recommended that everyone pay special attention to the track and curtain rods.

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