Late summer boots put on the street notice early fall

Ben Wang September 4 hearing, Li Qiu has passed, the temperature is also much easier than before. As a result, people with a keen sense of smell are just around the corner - it's time to begin to add a bit of autumn flavor to them, and a pair of eye-popping booties must be able to predict the early autumn, but also highlight the personality of girls. Whether it is trousers, shorts or skirts, most single items can match. Most importantly, almost every girl has a pair. What kind of style is fashionable and wild, come see it!

In the autumn season, there should be a pair of such bare boots. The outer side is equipped with metal, and the inside is provided with a zipper opening. It is easy to put on and off, and the heel is not too high, so it is not burdensome to wear.

High-heeled nude boots with super suits and jeans are suitable. The inside of the shoes has a zipper opening, which makes it easy to put on and off.

Ultra-comfortable casual booties, the texture of artificial suede, soft and comfortable, followed by a zipper opening treatment, as well as fringed decorative embellishment, with a dress or trousers are very nice.

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  • When we talk about the winter Kids Boots collections of JNPFOOTWEAR , we are considering fashion, comfortable and safe.

    • Fashion, every season, we have new styles and leather patterns for winter kids boots

    • Comfortable, in order our winter kids boots could wear comfortable, we make special insoles with more cushion and anchor-support.

    • Safe, due to most of our winter kids boots are export to European and American market, so need to make sure all the materials of our kids boots could pass the standards of the import country.

    Welcome to cooperate with us for your winter kids boots. Feel free to let me know your ideas.

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