Jordan sued Jordan Sports to see how Nike "plays an illusion"

Jordan's prosecution of Jordan Sports, whether it is related to Nike, but is beneficial to Nike, which is undeniable. Looking at this issue in Nike's view can also be regarded as a good marketing tool. Many of them are worth learning.

Borrowing a double shot is a well-known fact, Jordan's value is getting worse and worse, as far as Nike is concerned, is not a small loss. However, he still has a certain influence. It can be said that if he does not make any moves, there is no "topic" to discuss him and pay attention to him, then his value will fade over time. Nowadays, for the sake of the name, it is also known as a teacher and a teacher. It is an opportunity to reshape value.

While people are concerned about Jordan, sports brand Nike issued a statement saying, "We support Michael Jordan's efforts to protect his brand, his name, and his customers in China." So Nike It will naturally be promoted with the exposure of Jordan. According to sources, this incident involved a lot of vacuum zones and may be a long-term battle. From the perspective of marketing, the longer the war, the more people see the "Jordan Sports has nothing to do with Jordan, Nike has a relationship with Jordan" problem. This will promote Nike’s sales and increase Nike’s influence in the Chinese market. From the nature of this matter, regardless of success or failure, is a great victory for Nike, but also the victory of Jordan's personal brand.

Staying in the space of ideas for the promotion of power marketing involves not only goods, but more importantly, a strategic issue. If you have a good strategy, you will bring yourself a lot of marketing opportunities. While Jordan announced the prosecution of China's Jordan Sports, the number of appearances is not too many, even in which Chinese court sued Jordan Sports did not make it clear. This allows those who are looking for “topics” and fans of Jordan to talk about everything related to this matter. The most obvious thing is Nike's previous dispute over trademark and Jordan Sports. The longer the time Jordan stayed, the more closely the relationship between Michael Jordan and Jordan Sports, Jordan and Nike will be, thus allowing Jordan to have more "supporters" in the litigation process.

No matter people think of Jordan, or think of Jordan sports are all good, in this process Nike always contact with Jordan and Jordan sports. As a result, in the process of Jordan's prosecution, it was not only Michael Jordan, Jordan Sports, but Nike. It will also make people more aware of the existence of Nike and achieve the result of deep marketing in people's hearts.

Finding the right time to "get out of trouble"

The best opportunity for marketing is to attract more eyeballs within a certain range so that people can find more points of view and create a tense atmosphere.

At the critical juncture of Jordan Sports' listing, prosecuting Jordan Sports, Jordan Sports had to seriously “fight” with Jordan, or else it would damage their own opportunities for listing, which would increase the listing of Jordan Sports. Different from other infringement cases, at the critical moment of the defendant company, “adding a lot of brilliance” adds a lot of “bright spots” to attract more eyeballs. The eyeball that this event attracted was Nike’s eyeball. Why not do it?

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