Congratulations Wei Kou Men Guiyang Hua Jinhua image store 8.18 grand opening

Golden Autumn in August, really autumn for the ah, Wei Kou Men Guiyang South China Flower Shop image on August 18 this beautiful day grand opening of Guiyang South Jinhua Spring Department Store is Guiyang City, the first high-end shopping malls . A collection of many famous international brands, attracting fashion and high quality of life as the target customer base. Willingly in this big mall in Wei Kou Men's image store can bring you less than the intended gain, also welcomed the new and old customers come, Wei Kou men's image shop all the staff congratulations on your visit. Wei Kou Men's image store since its opening on August 18 continued to create a very high turnover, but also to thank the love of new and old customers, the store's decoration is also attractive enough, the image of the store is the image, not only the store Some style, even the shopping guide is also a particular spirit, especially the spirit, people feel comfortable. The store's personality decoration and Shopping guide are very ingenuity of the pattern display can give people a kind of high-end feel, Wei Kou Men is a formal but casual style, so there is no great color float, is a comparison The pure color, although not very bright colors, but enough to attract people's attention. VFCOOO Wei Kou Men positioning and focus on the personal image of the successful men, for the successful men to provide more stylish men's products, "taste of personality" as the brand product design. With 25-45-year-old urban elite men, they are business leaders but not rigid, fashion people are not vulgar, young but not casual culture, the pursuit of freedom but not indulgence, they are the elites of the middle class. They have the same career to enjoy life, that fashion dress is to demonstrate to the community personal taste and charm of the necessary weapons, they are confident with clothing to show the inherent and self-confidence, rather than using clothing to make up for the deficiencies.

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