This year's autumn and winter women's boots are popular round head, thick with

The weather is not cold, women's boots purchase tide has been

Reporters in the most prosperous Xipu, West Lake and other places in the city saw many women wearing fashionable boots. Some of them use boots and denim skirts to show their youthful vigor; others use their most popular dresses--boots and shorts--to highlight their unique taste.

The reporter saw at a shoe store in Xiapu that several female customers were carefully selecting the boots on the shelves. Many customers tried on their favorite boots and looked carefully in front of the mirror. The clerk told reporters that although there is no obvious cooling, the weather is now suitable for wearing boots and it will soon turn cold, so many customers are now buying boots.

A surname Lin told reporters that this kind of weather is now suitable for wearing boots.

Popular women's boots important elements: thick heel, round head and chic decoration

What are the most popular elements of this autumn and winter boots? The reporter saw many websites and popular women's boots. The popular elements of women's boots were covered with thick and round heads. The reporter saw boots in many specialized shoe stores and shopping malls. The style of the boots was also shown with thick heels and round heads. Mainly.

The owner of a fashion shoe shop also told reporters that this year's boots are popular with thick heels and round heads, as well as chic decorations. This style also sells best, and several models have already broken out. The store owner said: “The women’s boots in the past had no special performance in the heel area, and they mainly focused on fine heels. This year’s women’s boots are made of thick, flat, and round heads as popular elements.”

The owner of the store said that the trend is from the summer to the fall, simple round head, thick with the boots, with a different kind of decoration, looks lively and lovely, especially suitable for this year's popular shorts and skirts, while, rough The design of heel, flat heel, and round head is more humane, more comfortable to wear on feet, and more convenient to walk on. The reporter saw many autumn and winter boots are also equipped with unique and interesting decorations, such as chains, buckles, bows and so on. Whether it is in the streets of popular stores, or shopping malls in the brand counter, popular women's boots have boarded the "new products recommended" counter. However, the price of women's boots is not cheap, and it usually takes a few hundred dollars to buy boots with a couple of feet and a lot of clothes.

According to their own characteristics to choose the right women's boots

In the interview, a female store clerk also enthusiastically explained to the reporter the matching method of women's boots, reminding you that MM should choose the right boots according to their own characteristics. Women with thicker legs do not choose booties, nor do they use short boots to match short skirts. This will only reveal the weaknesses of the body. The short boots are best equipped with trousers or long trousers; women with less leg lines should choose boots. More relaxed styles; classic boots are the most convenient and versatile styles. No matter what the leg lines are, this kind of boots can play a very good decorative effect. Whether it is a flat bottom or a high heel, it can make itself. Looks upright and beautiful, suitable for all beauty-conscious women.

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