Aesop talk 2010 the latest image promotion reception

The latest image promotion reception in 2010 was held in Shenzhen on January 8 and the "Easterly Aesop's Sayings" held in Shenyang on January 10 possesses a group of design teams with excellent ideas, broad vision and insight into international and domestic fashion consumer markets and a group of high- France, Hong Kong, Taiwan design expert advisory group and set up a European design center abroad, with a strong grasp of the world's forefront of fashion trends and integration capabilities. After years of market exploration and adjustment, "Easterly Aesop's Words" has infused the modern fashion and dynamic design concept into the traditional women's fashion. With its soft and comfortable fabrics, unique design concept, modern and comfortable tailoring, exquisite detail production and cordiality Affordable prices by the domestic fashion women of all ages. The style is just like schizophrenia, which is an era of free fusion of various cultures and styles. "Mix and Match" has become the absolute means of manufacturing fashion, Aesop's statement with a surprising design techniques to generate a unique mix and match style. All elements are contradictory to each Other. This includes not only the combination of romance and futurism, the movement and the national style, but also the contradictory combination of the same piece of clothing. From the 1960s vintage to the 1980s urban feel together to add rock and uninhibited feeling, the new Aesop's words for you to show you a modern retro fashion revolution! "Easterly Aesop syllabary" to highlight the young, personality, fashion brand, pay attention to the details of clothing and quality sense of the various elements of pop art and music, architectural inspiration into clothing, to bring you an innovative life, the formation of a unique trendy style. Bring vitality and freedom to lifestyles to the young and trendy young people in China. "Easterly Aesop's Words" always stands on the forefront of fashion and creates a super fashion for urban young people.

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